Scenes from Christmas

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So Christmas Eve featured me having an appalling sleep because I was convinced Oscar would be up at 4am. We got to bed late (wrapping was delayed due to the finale of Project Runway and can I just say how STOKED I was that Leanne won and than Kenley was the first to go – I have zero tolerance for people who know they are rude and have a bad attitude but do nothing to change it) and then woke to Jasper coming into our bed at 3.15, followed by Grover waking with dirty pants and requesting a ‘bot-bot’ at 3.45 and then young male tenants next door not deciding to go to bed at all and starting on the bongos at around 4.30 and Oscar getting up at 5.
Oscar had asked Santa for an electric guitar and quite frankly, it was the first year there was a very definite request from Oscar that withstood the test of weeks. So Santa delivered. I don’t think I have ever seen Oscar more excited. He has requested a book to start learning how to play (but of his own initiative had found Felix’s piano book and was ‘using’ that) and told me he’s going to play it at school.
Felix’s request had been for a Lego Agents truck that does everything. While it took a while for him to wake up
he was pretty stoked. We didn’t see him for much of the day as he was building lego trucks and various other lego Star Wars ships he had received. In fact, his Christmas lunch consisted of some baked potatoes.

Grover got a big Tonka truck and while his day started with gross indignation at being woken
he too ultimately turned that frown upside down.

Jasper – while I had told him Santa had been and did he want to come and see what he’d brought him – was the last to get up but duuuuuudes, when Santa brings you the Thomas Bike you saw at the shops about s.i.x. weeks ago … that you had never ever forgotten about … then all your Christmases really do come at once.
Once the initial destruction had taken place and compulsory photos taken
there’s about 100 of these and in not o.n.e. are they all looking at the camera/smiling/have their eyes open see! even dawn occurred during the attempt

… it was time to get drinking and doing not very much at all. Chef and I have some very lovely sparkling shiraz and well, Chef needed several cups of restorative coffee to deal with this year’s Construction Project. We’d got the boys a basketball hoop and quite frankly, putting it together was more complicated than, well, I don’t know what.
Naturally the plethora of helpers just made the whole process so.much.easier.

This year was remarkably low key. Just us, mum and my brother and his girlfriend, who only confirmed their attendance at around 12.30 when they phoned to say they were on their way. It was b.l.i.s.s.f.u.l. My childhood Christmas memories are marred by the delightful morning process being rudely interrupted by having to bundle gifts into the shopping basket, then into the car and then driving 2+ hours south for the family gathering. Hideous.

Such were my spirits I even wore a frock.
A bargain at $30 from Katies purchased Christmas Eve that had every single one of my children with coherent speech commenting on how lovely I looked and what was that I had on. I will probably never wear it again, dresses make me nervous, but there you have it.

The menu was very simple – The Ham
which was glazed with my Signature Glaze
potatoes roasted in goose fat, a la Nigella and greens (broccolini, sugar snaps, snow peas) tossed in butter and seasoned.

That was it. With a delicious 2002 St Hallet Blackwell Barossa Shiraz. We normally have a Christmas pudding boiled in muslin but we never got around to making it (the fruit is still macerating in the laundry) but none of us seemed to care.

The day was then
shooting hoops
mastering bike riding
shooting hoops, bike riding, obstacle avoiding

and general all round happiness.

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December 26th, 2008 at 12:23 pm

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