I’m in the middle of cleaning bathrooms and feeling rather faint from the chemicals (it has been quite some time since they were scrubbed all over) and just can’t find the will to deal with the floor in the boys bathroom so here I am. Damp and woozy.
Some questions and further discussion have been warranted from my recent list.
First up.
My first experience with them as a young woman was a brand called Meds. I believe an equivalent analogy would be the wearing of granny bullet-proof undies by a supermodel wearing them under a swimsuit. Seriously, they made me waddle like the last few weeks of pregnancy when a new person’s h.e.a.d. was about to exit my fanny.
So, the introduction was not the best.
I avoided them for a long long time.
Then someone put me onto Tampax. With the applicator.
Because I was like the special needs menstruator.
Then there was what felt like a d.e.c.a.d.e of my close relationship with thrush so tampons were h.e.l.l.
Note to those w/ thrush, have four kids, it seems to scare it away.
Then I went to Libra and tolerated them only because it (somewhat suddenly) struck me as pretty darn gross to be getting around with a blood-soaked pad between my legs.
I still couldn’t use them for the duration, which, for me, can sometimes drag on. And ON.
(taking bets now for how many male readers have clicked away)
Then, as I said in the post, I was at Kill’s and it arrived on the day we were leaving.
So, I nabbed one from Kill’s stash in her medicine cabinet.
And lo, it came to pass, a light but shoneth down on me.
People, I have n.o. i.d.e.a. why they work or are better, except to say their tip is pointed, like a bullet and they seem to expand differently to the Libra ones.
I can use them for my whole period with little or even no discomfort.

Lets jog it in for Kill for showing me the light without even realising she was doing so.
Yep, it just gets better and better around here folks.
So you see, I am not one of those delicate flowers of the female species who perspire.
I sweat.
When I exercise I’m the one at the back so red faced you’re worried I might have a heart attack with sweat everwhere. The one who is still red hours later. No matter how fit I am.
And well, lately, there have been stinkage issues.
Even Chef noticed.
So – first up I’m trying the Ladies Speed Stick because as I stood in the supermarket aisle like some odiferous savant smelling all the recommendations it was the one I liked best.
Next up, Mitchum.
Thank you one and all for your generosity in sharing your experiences in this department. It’s at a level I suspect somewhere in the vicinity of your collective gratitude at me talking about menstrual blood in way too much detail.
Jam making.
The bottle sterilisation is very.straight.forward.
Wash in warm soapy water. Rinse. Put on a tray in a 110C oven for 10 minutes. Put jam in warm jars.
Seriously people, that’s it.
An Indian friend once told me that so long as the jar is clean, you don’t need to sterilise it if you put the preserve in it, put the lid on and turn it upside down, but I’ve never been brave enough to try it.
Photos of everything else to come I promise. I have to get this house clean and back away from the computer for a while. No seriously.