Well it has been a whole lotta summertime, and the living is easy around here.

For those who do not live in Australia or South Africa or have a male partner obsessed with cricket, the Boxing Day Test is underway.

That means come 10 o’clock in this house everything must stop. The television is turned to Channel 9 HD and well, until about 6pm

I am quite partial to the cricket and granted this is a good test match (particularly if you’re South African – wtf Australia??? but FIVE FUCKING DAYS is stretching the friendship.

Apart from that there have been daily trips to the beach pools for a dip and just chilling with my peeps.

Today was my MIL’s birthday. I am blessed with a wonderful MIL who I once upset dreadfully with something I wrote here so I will keep it brief. But it was wonderful.

Everyone arrived around midday and the sparkling shiraz started flowing. Lunch was my new favourite entertaining dish – a whole strip sirloin, roasted to medium rare, carved at the table and served with its juices and a flavoured butter (today was a herb blend of chives, tarragon, parsley, garlic and lemon). Chef had bought home some jus from the restaurant so we served that with it.

My SIL brought two salads – a sensational pasta number with pine nuts and char-grilled capsicum and pesto and a green salad with haloumi and avocado. So good.

Dessert was the chocolate caramel tart I first made earlier in the month and a citron tart – which were both sublime if I might say so myself.

The food, the booze, the humidty made all of us very chilled and we all ended up on lounges watching the cricket as sitting at the table and holding up our form was just too hard. I had a Narrabeen Nap (again!) this afternoon and several panadol and am still full. Awesome.

Tomorrow I’m taking mum to the airport as she’s off to visit her sister in Melbourne for a few days and we have a week to kill as a family. Think the Powerhouse to see the Star Wars exhibition, a bushwalk or two, maybe a movie and more time at the beach.

Good times.