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So, this was the last week of school for the year. HOO boy have we been flat out like a lizard drinking.
I can’t even remember what I’ve done this week but it’s gone and I’m cranky, exhausted and yelling a lot, so it must have been something.
Monday featured Chef coming down with whatever it was I had last week – which I only realised was something when Chef got it and took to bed for the day. I had 10 minutes on the lounge when the rest of the family was having the dinner I’d just cooked because I was kinda thinking it was all in my head.
Because last week was that sort of week.
So while I had psyched myself into maybe getting some time to myself, I ended up with the two little fellas all to myself all day all over again. I know that’s a lot of alls but believe me, they’re all warranted.
Jasper has taken to a new level of Mr McScreamy Stubborn Pants and you know? I’d almost forgotten – traumatic memory loss you see – just what those three-year-old tantrums can do to your mental resilience to well, life.
Some examples.
Last week he screamed ‘I wan go that way’ (pointing randomly out the window) for the entire 25 minute car trip to swimming simply because we went a different way to normal.
Then he screamed and carried on that he didn’t want to go swimming. To the point I had to physically extricate him from the car. Then he sulked at the front door of reception at swimming while I booked some swimming lessons in the school holiday – which took some time due to finding slots for three different boys at three different swimming abilities to have three different lessons at roughly the same time. Then she wouldn’t book them in because I couldn’t pay her straight away. By this stage I was taking Grover into the creche and Jasper came over to me. As.if.nothing.had.happened. and said, ‘can you put my swimmers on’. With that tone in his voice as if to say, ‘GOD MUM, get me dressed already’. Then he had a wonderful lesson.
This week featured screaming when he had to get out. Then screaming he didn’t want a shower. Then screaming he wanted the shower back on. Then screaming he didn’t want a towel. Then that he did. Then that he didn’t want to get dressed. Then that he wanted his clothes on. Then that he didn’t want to go home. And so on and so forth.
I’m not exaggerating.
Today he had a complete meltdown because I couldn’t get the DVD of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to start right at the very beginning where the train comes through the snow. Oh NO. It’s not part of the movie, it’s one of those THX sound thingys.
Then there was the torturous agony of hell as no, we weren’t going to embark on the 2 hour journey to the grandparents now, we were going tomorrow. In the morning. After you’ve been asleep. No, it’s not morning. No, that’s not sleeping. Yes you are awake but today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow and that is when we are going.
Please just stick pointy sharp things in my eyes and pour burnie acid down my ear canals and be done with it.
But NO.
Oh the delightful smiley, funny, happy child is back.
THEN there is Oscar and his unwillingness to do anything except say no and then wobble his head at me in some sort of homeboy homage to pissing your parents off to.the.max.
I haven’t done any Christmas baking whatsoever.
I have however made three batches of tomato relish, none of which have worked out to the right taste or consistency as Chef’s grandmother’s. Do you know how irritating that is?
I’ve also made three batches of plum jam – the first was sensational the second – which was a double batch – is still warm in the jars and I’m just not that confident in it’s taste or consistency. I think it needed an extra 5-10 minutes.
I’ve done two batches of peach jam, they are sublime. As are the two batches of apricot jam. I haven’t tasted the pickled onions but I have it on good account that they are delicious.
But no biccies, no cakes, no gingerbread, no vanilla biscuits is making my neck itch.
School’s out.
We’re watching Ironman and quite frankly Robert Downey Jnr can park his shoes under my bed anytime. Good movie too.
Chef was aware of my mood and mental state so sent me out on my own on Thursday. Bless him everyone for he so deserves it.
So I wandered around a homewares shop I’d desperately wanted to visit every since it opened oh, a year ago. Then I went and paid bills and did the rest of the Christmas shopping.
The boys are going to be so excited and pleased with their pressies.
That knowledge is making me quite excited about Christmas in and of itself.
Felix is moving to Oscar’s school next year – I have been doing that whole hand-wringing thing about if we’re making the right decision (don’t worry, I know it is) but the excitement from the staff at Oscar’s school about his brother coming is down-right infectious and just plain lovely.
We didn’t have Jasper’s name down at any pre-schools in the local area because we were so happy with his daycare in the city near my work. Of course, we never really expected what to unfold in the last 2 years to unfold and so we were left with a three year old and no pre-school arrangements.
I procrastinated out of putting his name down anywhere because I figured it was a lost cause and that they’d all just laugh at me.
But the tantruming and so on of the last few weeks made me realise the kid needs stimulation and peer-play. So I went to two community run pre-schools in the local area which I’d heard good things about. I put his name down.
I got a glimmer of hope when one of the places said that if a spot became available next year they would go through the waiting list and find the next oldest and that Jasper was in a good position if that happened.
The benefit of pre-school over daycare – it goes off age after initial intake.
So this week, when I was feeling particularly exasperated, who rings but one of the two offering us two consecutive days.
No idea how we’ll pay for it but anyway. We’ll work that out LATER.
Did I mention how tired and cranky I am?

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