a list

events, occurences and inauspicious things that have happened that I haven’t blogged about:

  • the building of our new back deck
  • the purchase of outdoor dining table for new deck, which is actually an indoor dining table from – IKEA! – because the new back deck is covered and will eventually be enclosed
  • my Martha Stewart moment of using Fowler’s Vacola bottling jars as candle holders on the new indoor outdoor dining table
  • my GEEtar and how it appears it’s going to be harder than I thought considering I can’t even tune the blasted thing
  • the fact that no deodorant seems to work on me and I have major MAJOR stinkage issues
  • that it is now official, I am a reformed tampon-hater. Thanks to my period arriving at K’s house and being totally ill-prepared and nabbing a Carefree tampon from her bathroom cabinet (as opposed to the Libra ones I used when I had to). I’m a tampon-wearing CARE FREE chick. Seriously, who’d a thunk just a change in brand could make such a difference.
  • photographic evidence of our new shelves, kitchen stools, lounge covers
  • photographic evidence of my jam, relish and pickle making
  • that today, one of the teachers who works with mum gave her money to give to me to buy some of my jams, relishes and pickles. A first.

tell me what you want to hear about more.