International travel

so from school camp for grown-ups to international travel …

Last night’s dream involved a trip to the US! With my mum!
I’m not sure where we were but we certainly weren’t in any city or state convenient to catch up to blogging friends.
So we were in the middle of some tourist attraction somewhere and I burst into tears, telling Mum that all I wanted to do was go to New York to see New York and Jen and Brian (our very dear friends who were in Aus for 8 years and had to return to the States about 6 months ago) and internally thinking maybe I could sneak in a visit to Blackbird.
And she was all – of course!
So off we went.
Then I had a melt-down in some massive Gap store because I had Grover in a stroller (none of the kids had been there before that. Typical. Just crushing my shopping style) and mum was all ‘you can’t leave him there’ and some other Americans were tsk-ing me and rolling their eyes and my stupidity of attempting a stroller in New York in the pre-Christmas lead-up.
Then I met BB who was as slight as a bird with the most delicate of hands she was in the process of rubbing hand cream into.
Which was when I was woken by children.