You know, most days I just lie on the lounge eating salt and vinegar chips drinking Fanta while the kids amuse themselves and scavenge for food behind the cushions. Because of this days like today warrant a post.

Today I …

  • did three loads of washing
  • weeded the front nature strip
  • took the little fellas over to the beach and carried one of them half way to hell on soft sand after the energetic three-year-old thought a walk ‘over there’ was a good idea
  • managed to get a completely root-bound palm of some sort out of one of those half barrel pots and replanted into a new pot and two different spots in the garden – and I know that doesn’t sound like much but oh.MY.GOD it took me over three hours to do it and it was such an EFFORT to try and un-root-bound the fucker and get it into its designated new homes.
  • vacuum
  • peel three kilos of pickling onions to go into the brine solution for the first stage of the pickling process

and now I’ve typed that it doesn’t actually seem like that much at all. Sigh.