Idol ruminations – the final four singing American hits

OK, so yes, I kinda fell off the Idol wagon. Going away did it – I lost my groove and got swept up by life. As you do.

So … this week we were down to:

Wes – the outright winner short of him getting cocky or losing his voice but even that would not necessarily see him knocked from top spot.

Mark – the dirty rocker dude – well, that’s what they’re pitching him as, what with those dopey bovine eyes and hairy scary scars on his head.

Teale – the blue (green?) eyed chisel-jawed sweet country lad who could be a pop god if he just wasn’t so goddamn earnest and well, boring nice

Luke – the heavy metal t-shirt wearing shearer who’s so laconic he’s almost horizontal but who can actually sing and each week surprisingly steps up to the plate

Wes – sang an abbreviated Killers song which seems too fast and a weird rendition of What a wonderful world. Kyle was right, it was a bit Kermit.

Mark sang Baby did a bad bad thing and – if he’s your kinda guy – he pulled it off. At least he seems to have reigned in that aimless wandering around on the stage. I can’t remember what the other song was, but I think it was OK.

Luke – what a revelation – that hideous facial growth has been evened out across his entire jawline, the Death Maiden t-shirts are gone and the dude is in with a chance.

Teale – a whatshisname song – Justin Timberlake! that’s it! – and something else. The problem with Teale is this – yes, he can sing, yes, as the judges point out each week he has come so far but … snore. He’s just boring and predictable.

So – bottom two this week were Teale – no surprise, he’s in the bottom three ever week – and for the first time ever, Wes – Kermit obviously felled him.

Thankfully Kermit stays, Teale has gone. And so, we’re down to the final three.

I suspect the final two will be Wes and Mark. But my predictions have never been right before, so we shall see!