A meme

I haven’t done one of these for so long and this one was relatively straight forward so I figured it was a goer.

That and the other two posts I have in my drafts folder talk about trying to buy clothes and being on the rag.

That’s OK, you can thank me later.

This comes from Blackbird, who got it from Ingrid, whose blog I was not aware of and am now satisfyingly addicted to.

In fact, before we get meme-ing, take a look at this, which I found on Ingrid’s blog too.

Hell, forget talking about how Carefree tampons are so.much.better than Libra, let’s just swipe content from other blogs and be done with it.

Anyway, this made me laugh out loud, but then again, the mere sight of Ricky Gervais makes me smile so having him talk generally ends with me snorting.

The meme

  1. birkenstocks or designer shoes – birkenstocks were my designer shoes until I developed Birkenstock arch AND ankle
  2. outside or inside – totally depends on the season
  3. hoping or planning – always planning, then hoping
  4. carrots or peas – peas peas peas and then some carrots
  5. cheese or chocolate – used to be cheese, now chocolate
  6. wristwatch or intuition – I can pick the time to within about three minutes by intuition. This however is no excuse for my perpetual lateness.
  7. milk or juice – bleuch
  8. creating or viewing – imagining creating but too busy viewing
  9. walking or running – totally depends on mood and how close to maximum density I am
  10. bouncing or rigid – doing what!?!
  11. cozy or breezy – cozy
  12. fancy or hearty – hearty. Fancy makes me nervous
  13. chuckle or guffaw – either, I am a proud snorter.
  14. whisper or announce – what? ‘I’m coming’? Am I meant to be reading sexual innuendo into all these???
  15. lick or bite – OH COME ON
  16. snuggle or grope – and here I was thinking talking about my period was going to be inappropriate
  17. sing or listen – oh, at the top of my lungs people, at the top of my lungs
  18. kiss or hug – I’m more of a hugger actually. I have family who want me to kiss them on the lips and it makes me all skeevy.
  19. wonder or discover – oh both, in equal doses
  20. anticipate or achieve – my school motto was strive for the highest. I still live by it. So achieve I guess.