Someone was three today

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This is the little man who came into our lives when we least expected it and has shone like a golden ray of sunlight on our lives ever since.

The one who showed me that I was a good parent and did know what I was doing and that with the bad comes far more good than I ever realised.

The boy we often say is high on life, such is his perpetual state of joy and high jinx. How many toddlers do you know who just sing a repertoire of 60s musical movie tunes to themselves as they go about their business?

The boy who made me realise my instinctive reaction to say no to whatever request was coming did not have to be. And that a mess made from painting, playdough or building a train track is part of being a kid and being a parent being with a kid.

The boy who made me truly realise what is important in life when for all the years before I’d really only been paying lip service to it.

The boy who says ‘bloken’ when something’s broken, ‘scaredy’ if something is scary for him, calls spider webs ‘spideywebs’, something slippery is ‘slippy’, ‘you’ is ‘oo’ as in, ‘noooo, oo do it. I can’t. I’ve got a bone in my leg’, if he almost falls over it’s ‘that’s a bit whoa’ and who tells me he is tired by wanting to ‘have a lie down on the looouuunge’.

The boy who would only wear jumpers this winter if they had a hood – and when wearing said jumper must always have the hood on at all times.

The boy who took Thunderbirds rockets 1, 3 and 4 to bed (and everywhere else) for a better part of the last year.

The boy who is still totally rocked by Thomas the Effing Tank Engine. Who for the last month has been asking for a rocket engine he saw in a catalogue. A catalogue he referred to as ‘my big book’ and which came with us wherever we went for most of that month just to ensure I didn’t forget he wanted the rocket engine.

The boy who is totally obessed with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins and the ‘choo choo movie’, which is actually Back to the Future III but only from the scene near the end (thank GOD) where the steam train pushes the time machine car along the track and has been for close to a year.

Who still takes his stuffed hippo (called Ahboo as that was his approximation for hippo when he started asking for it by name – which is funny as Grover as the same hippo but it isn’t Grover’s ahboo, it’s Grover’s hippo) pretty much everywhere and rubs its ears under his nose as he sucks his thumb when tired and/or going to sleep.

The one who has made me understand not to sweat the small stuff because the small stuff is over in the blink of an eye while the big stuff – like being loved, laughing out loud every day, sharing experiences, being kind and taking time to appreciate every single day – lasts forever.

Happy birthday Jasper, you totally rock my world.

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October 19th, 2008 at 7:52 pm

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