Yeah, so this week was a doozy.
It started on Saturday with a family friend coming to stay and me preparing dinner while also still trying to rearrange the back room.
Then there was Sunday, Jasper’s third birthday (photo expose to follow because so tired can’t type) which started at about 6am with trying to finish tidying/reorganising the back room and preparing for 20 family for dinner. (It was the best afternoon btw, just getting to it was exhausting and hard)

Then Oscar in hospital Monday.
Finding out his hips aren’t sitting right and ‘need to be monitored’.

Grover to hospital Monday afternoon.

Grover back to hospital for surgery Tuesday.

Jasper complaining of a sore doodle Wednesday.
Felix hurting his hip (again) at AFL on Friday (he can hardly walk on it).

All of us getting some cold number once again.

On top of all the usual stuff like shopping, car services (which I completely forgot about), making follow-up appointments with surgeons (which I almost completely forgot to do), getting children to school on time (which we didn’t manage to do once this week), swimming lessons, washing, not letting a child obsessed with water get his ‘paw’ wet, and you know, domestic chores.

But you know what?
There was good on every single day.

To mark the start of Carer’s Week – which I didn’t even know it was and you know, that says something in and of itself – the staff at Sydney Children’s Hospital came around and gave all the parents/carers of kids on the ward a goodie bag – which contained Lindt chocolates, some mags, a really annoying relaxation CD (the woman talks through the WHOLE thing) AND a vanity bag with Natio skin products in it.

People, for the first time in about four years I have used a face wash, toner and moisturiser.

Chef got a pack too – for men – and well, let’s just say he’s smelling mighty fine to me.

Monday night mum just picked up looking after the three boys without crushed nailbeds, fed them, bathed them, got them to bed – without question or even request AFTER she’d done a full day at work AND was on the verge of coming down with a nasty bout of asthma/chesty cough thing.

Tuesday saw my MIL offer to take Jasper and organise to pick him up.
She also took the two loads of washing I’d done and hung them out/folded them/brought it all back.
AND she had a chicken casserole in the freezer which she donated so we all had a proper dinner that night – which was, you know, a GODSEND considering we didn’t get home until 5.30.

Wednesday was Jasper’s swimming lesson – which he whinged about going to for the first time ever and then when he got in the pool was a STAR. I dropped in at the inlaws because they live nearby and had a lovely cup of tea and catch-up there.

Thursday was hard – so tired and the big boys swimming lesson that afternoon – which is late afternoon and just hard work with two little fellas in tow. But I had made a kick-arse beef casserole so when we got home at 6 dinner was ready to go.

Friday was a late breakfast with Chef and the little fellas at the Cooks Larder in Avalon, which I adore – and involved me consuming a warm fruit salad of poached pears and rhubarb with natural yoghurt and toasted almonds. Talk about restorative.

And so here we are.
The inlaws offered to have Oscar for the day, washing is on the line, we’ve been over to the beach for a play, and I’m finally getting time to fill you all in on the minutiae of my life.

The biggest part of this week has been this.
The realisation and appreciation of the good that has come with this week’s bad.
The joy of seeing Grover’s three brothers all wanting to come to collect him from hospital and how worried/concerned they all looked when they saw him.
That everyone, everywhere has their story to tell and their hardships to bear.

This week saw the passing of S, someone I had only a fleeting blogging relationship with. But she had a child around the age of my bigger boys and the thought of them losing me, their mother, at this point in their lives has caught in my throat and hurt my heart to many times to count this week.

A boy in Felix’s year at school had to bury his father, who committed suicide on the weekend. That is the second child in Felix’s year to lose a parent this year.

The wife of one of Mum’s colleagues died after a long battle with cancer.

And so it goes on.

We all have our loads to carry and I know full well how sometimes you feel that one foot could not possibly go before the other one more step.

But we do.

And here we are.

Sucking in the glorious day that is today.