So after yesterday’s mammoth efforts of building IKEA shelving, rearranging the back living area and holding a party for about 20 people for Jasper’s birthday today was Oscar’s botox day at Sydney Children’s.

But I had forgotten to ring the hospital on Friday afternoon at the (very) specified time to get his admission time as Chef and I were rushing home from IKEA to get the little boys from the inlaws and the big boys from school.

So this morning I just winged it, got up at 5, got Oscar in the car at about 6.45 and was at the hospital by about 7.30.

But then they didn’t have his file.
And there were lots of babies at admissions.
And I thought, ‘oh crap, we’re on the afternoon list’.
But then, the awesome staff made some calls and we were meant to be somewhere completely different!
So up we went to the different place and there was one other family waiting and it turned out we were meant to be there at 8am.
It was such a better set up – still stressful but the procedure was done in a theatre in the ward (it’s actually the cancer kids ward) so the kids wake up back in their room rather than recovery and don’t have to go into the big scary theatres with gowns, caps and all that stress.
It showed me just how grown up Oscar has become.
I had taken the wrong car so Chef was left with the car with no car seat.
I had forgotten my wallet.
So Chef had to come in anyway – which is no mean effort as the hospital is on the other side of Sydney.
We got home just before 4pm.

I was about 4.45 as I was getting dinner ready when I happened to look up and out the back window to see Grover grab his hand and really start to cry.
I saw Felix know it was serious and scoop him up and head towards the back door.
I called out if he was alright or did he need help but I was already halfway to the back door.
He said he needed help. That Grover had hurt his finger. Badly.
I took one look at the colour of the blood, the flow of it and the amount of it and said to Chef to get the keys.
Somehow the scooter had fallen on his finger and sliced right through the entire nail and part of the side of his middle finger on his left hand.
Oscar and Felix have both had nail bed injuries so I knew what we were looking at.

Mum sprang into action in looking after the other three and Chef and I were in the car on the way to the hospital within about two minutes.
Then we waited and waited in triage.
Then we went in.
The doctor tried to convince me it wasn’t on the growth bed of the nail but I knew.
We waited two hours for the senior hand registrar.
He took one look at it and said it would need surgery but wasn’t sure they’d do it at MV as he was so little.
But the hand surgeon who did Oscar and Felix’s surgery has a theatre list tomorrow.
He rang him.
Grover’s first on the list.

We’re back at hospital tomorrow morning at 10.