the good, the bad, the tired

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So today was forecast to be 30C and it sure was.
I am NOT a summer/hot weather person but you know what, opening the doors and the windows and getting that ocean breeze through the house was just divine.
The boys were in and out of the backyard and we headed over to the beach mid morning.
Grover was kinda freaked out by the fact we went down near the water as opposed to our normal spot near the dunes.
Felix was in the water in a matter of seconds.
Oscar was whingy and whiney and not really that happy about the whole scenario.
I get that as sand and I are barely on speaking terms.
So we get home and I set up some stuff in the backyard and they all play beautifully with each other, the hose and water play type stuff.
I feel almost euphoric and mentally note the scene as it plays itself out.
How blessed I am to have these boys and to be here to experience these moments with my boys.
As indeed I am.
The rest of the day was just a suckfest of tired, cranky kids who were hungry but didn’t want to eat. Bored but didn’t want to do anything. Wanted to do something but didn’t want to go anywhere.
And so on and so forth.
From fantastic to craptastic in about an hour.
The Chef got home and we had a restaurant quality dinner that we cooked together using produce we bought at the inaugural The Rocks Growers’ Markets yesterday. Salt bush lamb from Narromine cooked on the barbie; a range of organic mushrooms from the Southern Highlands sauteed with white wine and a just a dash of the most remarkable double cream beautiful in its buttercup yellow goodness; mash made from Dutch Cream potatoes and spinach from an organic grower in Orange that I sauteed with a smidge of garlic and a touch of the cream. Oh my.
The kids whinged and whined through the whole thing. Jasper ate some mash. Oscar ate some mash and a couple of mushrooms. Felix ate a sausage. Grover ate some mash off the spoon after meltdown after meltdown, a piece of spinach off my finger followed by another meltdown with some meltdowny sprinkles on top and then a piece of sausage after seeing Felix eating one. The piece of which I’m still finding from the dining table to the lounge.
They all ate jelly.

Written by allconsuming

September 20th, 2008 at 9:49 pm