Tandoori Chicken w/ rice and vegies

Now, we all know that I am very partial to a full sumptuous Indian feast.

I make my own paneer from scratch for goodness sake.

Then there was the seven hour lamb rogan josh which I find myself still daydreaming about in quite moments of food related reflection.

And the most awesomely not like anything you will ever get at a shopping mall bain marie Indian outlet butter chicken.

Not to mention my most delicately delicious fish curry and other sundry condiments and side dishes.

But when I say Tandoori chicken for dinner, well, it involves a jar of Pataks Tandoori paste. Sorry ’bout that.

I mix a ratio of paste to yoghurt to taste (Oscar can’t tolerate anything more spicy than pepper) and marinate chicken thigh pieces for a few hours.

Then I make a tzatziki of yoghurt and cucumber and mint, seasoned with some sea salt to serve with it.

I reheat store-bought naan bread and cook up a batch of rice.

And that’s the weeknight Tandoori Chicken dinner in this house…