So what can I tell you

It’s 5.17, raining and pitch black. The house is completely silent except for Oscar occasionally coughing up a lung and then continuing his quest to grind those massive horse-like teeth down to more acceptable stumps.
I’m up and awake because I fell asleep putting Jasper to bed (again) last night and Grover didn’t wake until 4.18 demanding some sort of beverage, preferably warmed to blood temperature and oh yeah, sure some of that formula would do just nicely. Mmmm. Burp. You can put me back to bed now.
So you now, that 7.5 whole hours of sleep only moderately interrupted by Jasper using me as a pillow or Chef coming to bed at some ungodly hour has left me feeling all kinda refreshed and whatnot.
So, what’s been happening?
Did you all take notes on my Idol commentary? Did anyone notice (or care) that I didn’t post about the last semi-final? That’s because even I didn’t care. Could we create television any more boring than what Idol has been this year? The blatant ‘vote for these two’ on the last show even shocked little ole’ cynical me and the notes I wrote on an envelope? in the dark? as I was putting Jasper to bed in our bed with the tv on low because white trash parenting? I have it down pat these days people. Are just not worth writing up. They could take a whole five minutes of my life I’d never get back.
So, Felix was home – off school – for five whole days with this virus that is griping children all over Sydney* and that I’m totally blaming on all those bright happy shiny cheery Catholics who descended on our city a few weeks back for some pesky misnamed event called World Youth Day which actually goes for a week and can cost your state government millions of dollars that could have gone to health, education, mental health, my bank account instead.
This virus involves – sporadic high fevers, occasional vomiting, general lethargy requiring almost constant watching of movies, and finally, like a great big fat-arsed cherry on top, a cough that is irritating to everyone else incessant and serious. At one stage I thought we’d moved from virus to bacterial and that he had bronchitis but then he started teasing, tormenting and dominating his brothers so I knew he was getting better.
Then yesterday? Oscar who’s been coughing a bit said he had a headache but he wanted to go to school because it was sports day and lifeskills day. (Sidenote: And people? The lifeskills program they’re doing with Oscar at school? Which involves cooking and going to the shops and other other stuff I can’t remember really beneficial outings and lessons has been so good for him and me. Last weekend he made me a cup of tea from beginning to end. Bless. And we made a muesli slice from a book he borrowed from the library which was nomnomnom delicious). So he arrived home looking pretty battered from a day he probably should have spent on the lounge. With a migraine and a temperature. And Jasper? he had a headache and a temperature too. And Grover? Found his hippo and tiger, told me to get my shit together, headed up to his room, started closing his own blinds and made me put him back to bed at 3.30pm.
Yeah, so one child home for five days of school and on the lounge for seven and now the other three are all going to be jostling for position. I sent Chef to the chemist last night and you know it’s Game On when the lsit consists of three types of panadol/pain relief medications for children. It’s going to be a fun-filled weekend around here, I.can.just.tell.
I’ve been a bit anxious and hand-wringing about our finances because even calling them finances is laughable. But you know, we’ve been here before and we have enough family we haven’t ostracised that I don’t think anyone will let us starve or end up sleeping in the car just yet.
Mum has – on total impulse – booked a holiday to Hawaii with two friends from school (who seem to go quite often) for the upcoming October school holidays. How cool is that?
One of the things that I am just so happy about in my life at the moment is that my relationship with Mum is back on track. Funny isn’t it, that in trying to hold everything together I actually was pushing people away and helping it all fall apart. We’re in a really good place at the moment and I am just consciously loving and treasuring each and every day of it.
I’ve also been going to the gym again. That place my friends, is just a book waiting to be written. For starters who the HELL are all these people and WHY AREN’T THEY AT WORK/SCHOOL? Yesterday I saw the most spectacular cougar specimen the only thing that stopped me staring at her highly erect fake nipples was that sensation that perhaps I was jusy about to die or at least hear some muscle in my body snap into eleventy gagillion pieces.

And now? If you’ve read this far, you deserve some pictorial rewards. From our recent bushwalking expedition** and other sundry items:

* That’s be our school and definitely one other which is a whole half and hour away.

** This is only 20 minutes from where we live people. Blessed I say. Blessed.