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OK, so inbetween completely overhauling the bigger boys’ bedroom (including pulling one of those Ikea Expedit 5×5 bookshelves out of their room into the hallway) and then trying to navigate the flow-on effects of it, my world has been consumed by end of term activities and whatnot. Whatnot being code for I have no idea what I’ve been doing.

There are now two stuffed garbage bags full of toys (rattles and the like … sniff) to go to charity and two even more stuffed bags full of CRAP. TWO. And I haven’t finished. I’m still surrounded by half empty bookshelves and half sorted toys and whatnot. Whatnot.

GOODNESS. Today’s 30+ temps and the relentless cleaning have clearly got to my head.

Onto more pressing matters …

Tonight’s Idol was all about Aussie classics.

Thahn Bui is singing John Farnham. Eugh. Apparently he’s going to sing from the bottom of his frikkin’ heart. Sorry, but he’s singing You’re the voice. I can’t stand that song. Or any John Farnham song for that matter. It smacks of the menopausal set. I mean, the guy can sing it’s just a tragic song.

Dicko basically cuts him some slack, Kyle says he’ll buy him the splade to cut through the cheesiness because he doesn think there is a star in there, Marcia says something predictable as does guest judge Darren Hayes.

Chrislyn Hamilton is singing I’m in chains by Tina Arena. My opinion of Tina Arena is well known – balladrear. But yet again Chrislyn KILLS IT. Awesome. The woman – the 17 year old woman – is AWESOME.

Kyle is hilarious – an insult wrapped in a cuddle – indeed. The weekend of post-wedding sex has got him all fired up. He’s not sure if he’s waiting for her to trip but each week she blows him away and is an absolute star. Sure is.
Dicko provides some very valuable advice – she’s covered the big strong woman songs and the broken hearted so now she just needs some bedroom songs and she a complete artist.
Wow, Marcia is fired up and has a dig at Britney – there’s sexy and there’s ho. Indeed.

Tom Williams is up – poor kid after a few shockers he’s feeling a bit battered. So he’s singing Evermore’s Light surrounding you. Oh much better. Much better. The pitchiness has gone.
Kyle talks about the slap around last week and that he’s at the beginning of something great. That it’s easy to get distracted by your name on pieces of cardboard in glitter.
Dicko points out he’s aiming at a very young audience and that he needs to step it up, stop being so maudlin and not get distracted by the adulation. Marcia says the same with a few ‘boyfriend’s thrown in for good measure.

I think it is very interesting to note that Chrislyn is 17 and Tom is 16 and yet the age-card is only played by the latter. Curious.

Teale Jakebenko sings Eskimo Joe’s Black fingernails red wine -I don’t know, I just feel a bit like he’s being left behind? That his number is going to be up soon? That seems really unfair, no reason for it really – just a feeling.

Maybe Kyle nails it – that he feels doing the stage presence stuff is a bit try hard but that it’s working. Dicko disagrees – says it looks try hard. Marcia disagrees – says it was great and sexy. Guest judge Darren says it was a good. M’eh.

Roshani Priddus is up singing Renee Geyer’s Heading in the right direction. Again, another great singer but I just don’t connect with her. She sort of does this lounge bar rendition and really, it is great.
Dicko loves it. Marcia says she could hear her think during the song. She needs to just let go and fly. Darren loves it. Kyle cracks me up and GET THIS – he says exactly what I just thought – that he doesn’t want her to fall into the ‘yeah, she’s good’ basket and that she should be careful not to get boring.

Wes Carr is singing the 60s classic by the Easybeats, Friday on my mind. For a moment I thought he wouldn’t have a stupid hat on. But no. There’s the stupid hat. He does a bang-up job. Except the hat keeps falling down on his head. The guy is the consumate performer.
Marcia loves it but wants him to lose the stupid hat. Darren says he is hands down a superstar on stage, that he reminds him of Bono and that while he has this stage confidence he is also a decent fella and that is a rare thing in the music industry. Kyle says he loves the Tom Sawyer thing. Kyle thinks he’s brilliant, the stand out, even the Forrest Gump dancing. Dicko calls him a walking iPod and a rockstar.

OF COURSE Luke Dickens is singing a Chisel song, Flame trees. It’s a weird arrangement and you can tell he has been partying hard. They all love him.

Sophie Patterson is singing the Potbellies’ Don’t hold back. Darren Hayes says he feels a real sense of guardianship over her as he was on the panel that selected her in the UK. They talk about how she hasn’t been coming across as the real her. They slow the song right down – it is really really good. It seems to be over too quickly, which is a good sign.

Kyle says it was rock solid. They all like it. Dicko wanted it up tempo.

Mark Spano is doing a Farnham song. Eugh. He says anyone who doesn’t like Farnham then he doesn’t like them much. Touche. The age of reason. It’s just the songs are so Women’s Weekly. The song actually feels a bit flat. Not much energy. The backing singers seem to be in a really weird key. But what would I know.

Madam Parker is up with the Veronica’s Hook me up. Darren Hayes is worried she’s going to disappear into the wallpaper and I agree totally. It’s obvious she has spunk and character but she’s been playing this demure thing and it’s really quite snore boring.

But then they’re all calling her sweet and shy so maybe I’ve got it wrong. Kyle tells her to stick to soul, Dicko backs him up.

Top performers of the night:
Chrislyn, Wes, Roshani

My pick for the bottom three:
Thanh, Teale, Sophie

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