Idol ruminations – second week

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So tonight’s guest judge is Cyndi Lauper.
OMG people – if we tallied up the hours I spent singing Cyndi Lauper songs into a hair brush as a teenager. Woot.

First up is Luke Dickens singing the Mellancamp’s Jack and Diane. I think he rocked it. ROCKED it. As Dicko said, ‘you got rid of the devil t-shirts so well done’.
Cyndi even teared up bless her.

Brooke Addamo is second. She really does have an excellent voice but she just has that good girl demeanour that’s going to be hard to shake.
Cydni reckons she did good.

Madam Parker is up next – she’s been sick. THe song should be really punchy. It seem s flat to me. The dress is a shocker – think workman safety vest meets disco. I think she’s just glad it’s over. But all the judges are being very kind. Maybe it’s the prescence of the Cyndi.

Mark Spano is up next singing The Cars’ song I wanna know what love is. Seriously people. How many premenstrual nights did I spend anguishing I’d never have a boyfriend let alone get married and have a hundred kids over this song. Oy. All the judges love him and are telling him so. It’s getting a bit boring actually. Where is the train wreck.

Tom Williams is singing Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl. He’s really pitchy. Really pitchy. For some bizarre reason Cyndi and Marcia talk him up. THANK GOD for Dicko – gives him a good talking to and Kyle – a disaster.

Chrislyn is doing Cyndi’s song True Colours. Oh GOD I love the 80s. OH she is SO GOOD. I LOVE HER. The End. She’s getting another standing ovation from the audience. And Dicko said it perfectly – that she nailed the quiet tender songs after we’ve seen her ripping up the big songs.

Teale Jakubenko is singing U2 – I hate U2 covers on Idol so this could be disastrous. OH – I just had this flash that he’s the new John Farnham. God help us all. He actually did an OK job. That GOD he didn’t do the falsetto stuff. That’s just creepy. The judges are heaping praise. It was OK and tought to be the one following Chrislyn.

Geez – Cyndi is all about the warm up. And the pulling on your tongue with a tissue.

Sophie Paterson is next – doing the whole blonde bombshell thing. I heart the Eurythmics. She’s not scary enough. And she should have worn stockings. But Kyle likes it. They all like it. The general homogeny amongst the hosts is getting boring. Cyndi and Kyle start to get snarky with each other and thank the LORD they do. Holy Moly.

Wes Carr comes out and just owns the stage singing Dancing in the Dark. Goodness I wish he’d get rid of the hats but he’s just in a league of his own. As Kyle said, he’s already good to go.

Roshani Priddus is singing Tina Turner. I intensley dislike Tina Turner songs. Have I shared that before? I love the movie and just marvel at the life and strength of the woman but the music just makes my neck itch. Like Batshit Crazy Whitney and Celine.

Cyndi has a go at Dicko – whaddyawant? a one note sally? hehehe

Thanh Bui – to me Thanh is to 08 what Daniel Misfud was to 07. Irritating. It’s all just so earnest and predictable. I hope he goes this week. Isn’t that nasty?

The bottom three this week? Thanh, Sophie and Tom. Surely.

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September 21st, 2008 at 8:35 pm

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