Idol ruminations – first out

The first question is why is James Mathieson (the best thing about the whole Idol show) wearing a shirt the same colour as Matthew G’s suit?

Bottom three:

Jonny Taylor – maybe just too enigmatic for the Australian voting crowd?
Sophie Patterson – no surprises there – her song choice was weird.
Teale Jakubenko – well, not that surprising as while he did the whole falsetto thing last night I though his performance was one of the weakest.

So Jonny is first up – all I can think is ‘open your eyes Shelby, open your eyes, open, open your eyes Shelby, open your eyes

Sophie – now all I can think about is her diction

Teale – I’m not sure I want to hear this again and maybe that is indicative of something.

So this year – they get to sing again, they open the voting lines again and then the one with the lowest votes is out – a nice way of getting around those shock losers early in the piece where some front-runner gets ousted because of voter laziness. Not to mention just another means of raking in the $$.

I like the bits of footage shown back stage but the drag out is bordering on too long. And if you have the same person in the bottom three every week the interview process that fills some of the time is going to get pretty brief.

So Sophie is safe, that’s a good thing.
Teale is safe
Jonny is going home.

As if – from the interview earlier in the night – that writing wasn’t on the wall.