Idol ruminations – first night

So here we are. The Top 12.

Wes Carr
The front runner – which means he’ll be gone midway through – is on stage with the piano and signature stupid hat. The guy is talented, there is no doubt about that. He works the crowd, he can sing, he seems like a really nice guy. No train wrecks here.

Tom Williams
Felix wants hair like him, heaven help us all. Every teenage girl is going to be voting for him, along with the whole of South Australia.

Roshani Priddis sings Joss Stone. The girl can sing and she seems incredibly genuine and lovely, but I don’t gel with her. It’s like how Kyle felt about the Brooke from the country – she had all but it just didn’t connect with him. That’s me.

Teale Jakubenko – the dude can sing the high notes. I like this guy – if not for his chiseled jawline for the fact the guy has SEVEN brothers and branched into music when none of the others did, and withstood the brotherly bashing for it.

Sophie Patterson
Weird one. Think she has the goods but weird song choice.

Luke Dickens
The country lad. I keep expecting this guy to be the train wreck and he isn’t. He looked remarkably comfortable. I just don’t know if he’ll pull the votes.

Brooke Adamo
I like her – I thought she was good but Kyle kinda slams her. Dicko and Marcia build her back up.

Thanh Bui
He used to be in a boy band. I find this hard to get past. All the judges hate it. He is very defensive and upset – as you would be. But as Kyle said, it was poxy. Tried to hard.

Madam Parker
From New Zealand, has the stuff. She is really good but maybe a bit old? I think Dicko was about to give her a standing ovation. Dicko called her gold. Kyle reckons she’s on fire and that ‘she is it’.

Jonny Taylor
The black sheep of the competition. Like Luke, I expect him to be a train wreck and then he opens his mouth and is really quite awesome. God I wish he’d get a haircut. The judges all love him. He was pretty nervous.

Chrislyn Hamilton
I love her – she’s 17 and awesome. Dicko is standing. So is Marcia. So is the audience. I tell you, the girl ROCKS. OH MY LORD – Kyle just gave her a touchdown in honour of Crazy Arsed Mark Holden.

Mark Spano
This guy seems like a nice guy, but he just doesn’t push my buttons. He’s a good singer and he actually does a darn good job.

So there you have it, a pretty awesome night. I’d say Tom and Sophie were the weakest links, but somehow doubt either will be out this week. We shall see.