Hoooo boy folks, whatta coupla weeks.

So there was the whole end of school thing, involving … stuff.

Then there was the BIG idea of reworking the bigger boys’ bedroom – which basically turned into the equivalent of an enema for the house.

Do you have any idea just how much CRAP can accumulate on those Ikea expedit shelving units??? OH MY LORD.

Basically, the idea was to move the shelves from in the boys room to the hallway outside it and to do a big cull on toys etc so some of the shelves could be used as extra linen cupboard space and storage for other things.

Ohhhh, I know. I can hear you chuckling at my naivety already.

For the week following this ingenious stroke of domestic stupidity you could not actually enter the boys’ bedroom for all the stuff on the floor. Seriously, you had to pick a path and tiptoe through it all.

It was one of those shuddering realisations that if I was to clean/cull/rearrange their room I would have to clean/cull/rearrange the back living room to make room and so on and so forth.


So finally, on Monday, after basically working from 7am to 6pm with occasional meal breaks I had almost finished. There are still a few shelves on the expedit to be cleaned and all the kids books to be sorted and put on to bookshelves rather than in stacks near the bookshelves. OY.

So I’m here, chilling with my peeps and fighting the realisation that once I finish this all the normal household crapulence will have to be done and then, the only thing left is drinking dusting.