Australian Idol 08 – Top 24, First 6

Chrislyn – 17 and the most awesome voice and personality. I love her and want her to win it. Full stop.
That of course means she’ll probably be out tonight.

Mitchell – had some serious eyebrow work done. He was a bit pitchy. The judges seem to love him. I don’t really get it yet.

Jaden – the good – amazing song. The OH DEAR GOD bad? A PANT SUIT. A BLACK PANT SUIT. Does the girl not read Go Fug? It looks like an outfit Pat the Rat would have worn on Sons and Daughters.
Kyle calls it a Love Boat Special and yes, THANK GOD the Olivia Newton John headbands were gone.

Olly – oh enigmatic Olly – French, English, Australian, sounds like a Sth African, – a very very shaky start and then he kind of found his feet. The judges like him. Considering how hard they just laid into Jaden I thought they’d crucify him, but no, it was praise all around.

Nicole – gorgeous hair, cute dress, the judges like her. I didn’t like it as much as her initial audition.

Wes – this guy has it – if he doesn’t get through then he can give me that stupid hat and I’ll eat it for him.

So I want Chrislyn and Wes to get through… we shall wait and see.