Australian Idol 08 – Top 24, 7&8 and wildcards

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So Brooke Adamo is in – but seeing as Dicko said something like Australia you have to vote for her it isn’t that surprising. She’s this year’s
And Madam Parker – as if anyone couldn’t see that writing on the wall from the first time she was shown on the audition episodes.

So, the remaining four places will be decided by eight wild card choices having to sing tonight.

So the first is rocker chic Amanda – no surprises there either. (GOD is this season starting off as snoreville or WHAT) OH DEAR – singing a Tina Turner hit that became the anthem for the Rubgy League??? OH DEAR. She’s definitely more comfortable on the stage but that is about it. Dicko loves the song? WTF?

Next up – musical theatre Nicole – OK, so I really like her, I think she has a lovely voice, but she won’t cut it when they have to do the different genres each week. As Kyle said, she’s got the musical theatre cancer.

The boy from the bush, Luke is up next. He sung that Angels instead song. M’eh.

Pocket-sized Roshani gets the next second chance and starts of shaky by salvages it by the end. I thought Marcia said she wasn’t judging anyone tonight? Kyle thinks her voice is like sexual chocolate, which, um, ewww.

Oh, so we get to here the town cryer again… James. The thing is the guy has a good voice, he just kinda irritates me.

OH GOOD – Brooke is up. I’m so glad they’re giving her a second chance. I like her but she won’t get it.

Jonny is up. Weird. He’ll get through.

I’ve got no idea who it’ll be. I don’t really care either. Snore……………

Wait, I seemed to have missed one… indicative.

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