New Favourite

I know I am musically retarded, discovering bands and songs about five years after they’ve been in the Top 10 and everyone else is sick of them, but this morning I heard this band on the Js and oh my goodness, I was transported.

They’re on Live at the Wireless tonight. If I didn’t have four kids and wasn’t in a current habit of being asleep by 8.30 I may even have tried to catch the program. This morning’s song was one of the ones they’ll be playing tonight. Apparently there were 28 people on stage and a crowd going wild. Most awesome.

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  • kurrabikid

    I think the fact you listen to JJJ means you’re waaaaaay ahead of me.

  • kim at allconsuming

    It was only because Chef had been listening to it. I am a 702 (except for Deborah Cameron who is worse than undergrads studying broadcast journalism 101) & ABC Classic FM girl (I'd turn for Margaret Throsby).

  • bluemountainsmary

    I’ve not heard of them either.

    702 girl here too and am happy enough with Deb after the horror of Virginia Trioli.

    Would not turn for Margaret because I adore Richard Fidler’s interviews more!

  • kim at allconsuming

    You go from Margaret at 10 to Richard at 11. It’s a media whore’s heaven I tell you.

  • Fe

    That was GREAT! Thanks so much. I’m a 702 girl too…. agree with you about Deborah Cameron. Uggh.

  • qotfu

    I saw these guys at The Big Day Out a few years ago. They had a great energy, a really bouncey smiley vibe going, it was fab!