What was your favourite part of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony?

I thought the drummers were spectacular.

The calligraphers were amazing but would have been better in nude body stockings to really bring home that interpretive dance component.

Could have done without the Chinese Opera moments.

That little girl was irritating. High pig-tails make my neck itch at the best of times.

How cool were those suits with all the lights on them? Although it did remind me a little of that old dude who rides the horse in that white suit which has been attacked with a Bedazzler and has lights along the seams.

The costumes were simply breathtaking – I adored the ones worn in the Confucius component.

But – and I know we’re not meant to politicise it – but while it was all breath-taking and at times difficult to even comprehend how they could do that – I couldn’t shake a feeling of irritation and discomfort.

As we watched it all unfold Felix said something along the lines of how China was lucky it had such a large population to be able to have so many people to get involved to bring these things to realisation. More the fact it’s a communist state that can force its people into such things than the magnitude of its population.

I wonder if this massive event will do anything in the long term.

Anyway, enough of that. What was your favourite bit?