Australian Idol 08 – Qld auditions

So tonight we’re in Brisbane. Get ready for big boobs, lots of blonde big hair, and nails nails nails.
OK, so that was a bit unfair and a gross generalisation.
Moving on.

Good quotes:
‘Wings!’ – Kyle
‘Look at that chiselled jaw Marcia, Dicko and I used to have one of those until all the fat grew around it.’ – Kyle
‘It feels like the Texas Rangers have arrived’ – Kyle

Ones to watch:
Teale Jeabujenko (? – I kinda missed the last name as Felix and I were trying to imagine what it’d be like if he had SIX brothers like Teale does… SIX)
Chrislyn Hamilton
Kayla Newman – not sure she’ll survive the Sydney cull.
That girl who travelled 1200 miles and sung that song made famous by Eva Cassidy
Mitchell Steele will be interesting. I think Sydney will eat him alive.