Australian Idol 08 – International auditions, London

Not sure how they group the London auditions with those in Adelaide (is there really such slim pickings they had to bus them to the Barossa to make it interesting?)

Quote of the night:
‘Jo I reckon Ben the rat would be voluntarily taking the rat poison by now.’ – Dicko

Only six singers from the entire state of South Australia? This only confirms my thoughts about the state with the highest number of unsolved homicides… (sorry Trace…)

To watch:
Tom Williams – this year’s Ben McKenzie?
James Spargo – was that his name?

We interrupt this broadcast for the diversion called ‘Hole in the Wall’.
I am so white trash.

OK, so I’ve missed some of the UK bit.

Scott McLintock – his story about his mum dying (and how she died) just caught me off guard. Not sure if he’ll last the distance but that vulnerability is a sure vote winner if he makes it through Sydney.
Jaden Downd (sp?*)
Sophie Paterson (am I just a complete sucker for a female vocalist – hell, any vocalist – with acoustic guitar or what)


*my attention was sorely tested this evening with children demanding my attention with books on Thomas the Effing Engine and channel flicking to Hole in the Wall.