yeah yeah

You see, as my position as a salaried member of the public service officially ended on Friday I thought I should reassure you all that despite my appalling blog posting irregularities of late, I am so much better than I have been for quite some time. If I had to put a time on it I’d say this is the best, the most normal, the most me I’ve been in about two years.
Isn’t that something.
Friday and Saturday featured Felix’s belated birthday party which involved having five eight year olds here from various times ranging from Friday morning through to Saturday lunch time.
Get this…
It was
Sure, exhausting, but fun.
They are such great kids and I found it hilarious eaves-dropping listening to their conversations and games.
There were pizzas for dinner and ice cream sundaes for dessert with freckles, jaffas and smarties and home made chocolate sauce (I had to make something)
We ended up with only two sleeping over on Friday night and at 10.30 I told them I didn’t mind them talking away (I’d set them all up on the lounge room floor) but the volume was getting too loud and they needed to turn it down a notch.
So they went to sleep.
Isn’t eight adorable!

Breakfast was pancakes w/ maple syrup, bacon, watermelon and strawberries. Which they demolished.
Then they all went home – and one even took Felix with them for a play date/sleep over… until the following afternoon at 5.30.
I was going to do a linky-love post to various people but Blackbird beat me to it. But I’m doing it anyway. Sort of. But nowhere near the scale of hers. I’m just saying. So you don’t feel let down.
I was going to do a post about all the things I’m giving thanks for at the moment but Babel Babe beat me to it.
But here are some things regardless.

Twinning’s Chai tea bags – Now I am normally a complete devotee to loose leaf tea in a pot but I am very partial to properly made Chai tea, which is actually quite difficult to find and way too time consuming to bother with at home. The amount of time I’ve spent staring at different brands and forms of chai tea in supermarkets, organic shops and the like is ludicrous. Even moreso when I can’t bring myself to decide on one or purchase any. So the other day, out of a level of desperation and boredom with my indecision I just grabbed this at Woollies. It is subtle. A light brew but fragrant in a way that I’m finding deeply satisfying.

Strawberries – How good are the strawberries at the moment? Delicious and cheap. Considering I have three children who could happily eat a punnet each in about a minute and a half this is most excellent.

My children – this is a weird one. For starters there are things that are absolutely shitting me to tears – Oscar’s constant teariness and increasing neuroses; Felix’s relentless melodramas which involve performances worthy of any daytime soap opera and his current obsession with deriving pure enjoyment from maximum antagonsim of his siblings; Jasper’s fluctuating between being Mr Policemen and Batista with Grover; Grover’s return to waking twice a night.
But get this – I am absolutely loving being at home. I am so calm and in control. It is OCD heaven. This doesn’t translate to a very clean and certainly not tidy house, but it does translate to me being around my children and parenting them the way I want them parented. I can’t tell you how restorative this has been to my sense of self and indeed my self esteem.
And so it means I am here watching the relationship between Jasper and Grover subtley change and develop into one of mates – with games of chase and other strange little episodes. It means I am having the delicious conversations you have with a 2.5 year old – those about diggers, and the moon, about that big truck, or that bus, or about how Percy has been very naughty and is therefore being put inside the toy box with the lid shut.

No dog smell, no dog shit
– nuf said.

Slowing down – This has just sort of happened. I’m not worrying so much about what we don’t have or what the future holds, I’m spending more time playing and being with my kids than cleaning up after and around them, I’m looking at the list of things that need to be done and then reordering it into a realistic list. I have no idea how long this will last or if this is a major change in me for good. I like it. I like the impact it has on the rest of the family. For now. But as I am normally the driver of the family I’m quietly confident that will return but perhaps with less aggression, frustration and anxiety.
Then I was going to do a school holiday joke, but Bec beat me to that too.

From Felix:
What happens when a cat eats a ball of wool?
It has mittens.

Boom tish.