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Yesterday morning Oscar woke at 4ish because he’d lost his doona and was freezing.
When this happens Oscar doesn’t wake up, pull his doona over him and go back to sleep.
He whimpers.
And cries out.
And grinds his teeth.
I went in and settled him.
It woke up Grover.
Which work up Jasper.
At that hour I admit defeat and got Grover a bottle.
Who am I kidding, at any hour I admit defeat and get Grover a bottle.
I had reassured Jasper that I’d get one for him to.
Then I stepped in a big pile of cat vomit on the kitchen floor.
So Kitchen Towel Wipe Down went into action and I scraped it off my foot, hobbled around to get Grover onto the lounge with his botbot.
Then I cleaned up the cat vomit and poured undiluted disinfectant all over the floor and my foot.
Then I got Grover back to bed.
Jasper had given up and fallen back to sleep.
Then I got back to bed.
The end.
Chef’s lost about 8.5kgs and is going to the gym most days.
After my tough love on him he has tough-loved me.
I’ve been to the gym twice in the last three days.
Tonight I j.o.g.g.e.d. on the treadmill.
It felt really really good.
Because my gym membership (which I hadn’t used since January, when I used it twice and which I hadn’t used since February 2006 before that) was done through work and taken out of my pay, of course my membership had lapsed. The whole family came with me when I rejoined.
Just because.
Felix has moved up into a pre-squad like arrangement at swimming.
This is the precursor to the ‘big’ pool and proper squad.
It’s where they ensure their stroke and breathing and all that stuff is good and get rid of any bad habits.
Tonight he had a one-on-one lesson with the woman who owns the whole swim school.
She informed me he has low muscle tone so I might have noticed he didn’t have a physique like that of his peers.
Not poor muscle tone.
Low muscle tone.
I asked what we could do to improve it.
She told me about her son who has low muscle tone.
About his thrice weekly one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer, his twice weekly swimming sessions and daily walks.
And how it basically made no difference.
It’s just how they are.
I’m not upset or anything. I found it really interesting.
It explains (perhaps?) his poor handwriting.
I wonder if we can blame his appalling spelling on it too?
If I look at the state of this house to closely or the amount of washing to be done/hung/sorted/put away I can feel truly overwhelmed.
So I take the kids for a walk or play trains with them instead.
I’m so loving being a mum at the moment.
August is almost here.
It is an action packed month for us of various doctor appointments for nearly everyone in the house.
That should be interesting when it comes to paying for them…
I’m going to be spending some time over at Hey Mum I’m Hungry as it has been so poorly neglected these last few months. I shocked myself to see I hadn’t posted anything there since April! G’ah!
We’re having the most glorious weather at the moment.
It is invigorating and restorative.
Just lovely.

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July 31st, 2008 at 10:53 pm

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