Jasper telling me this morning that his nose had rocks in it.
Me: Rocks?
Him (digging around in his nose): Yup
Me: Oh, you mean snot? (we’re all snotbound over here at the moment)
Him: Noooo. Rocks. Look, here’s another one.
And another day begins.
Blackbird made mention of their wonderful lollypop lady – who’s a man – and I mentioned how our one is just on some draconian cranky old man in the grip of some desperate bid for power.
Well the next day he wasn’t there – a first in the two and a half years we’ve been at the school – and he hasn’t been back since.
I ‘officially’ resigned today – in that I informed HR of my decision as well as my boss.
(Cue some Simon and Garfunkel) … hello poverty my old friend.
Hearing that my Uncle (the compulsory cool one – who when I was little was ‘studying’ at Sydney Uni and lived in a share house with some deaf people (he still works with the deaf and was always a remarkable voice of calm and reason for me when Oscar was a wee baby and we were averaging hearing tests every 3 months) in Grungeville Enmore or maybe it was Glebe*, which to a 8 (0r so) year old just seemed so exotic and well, cool) and Aunt have just seperated.
Meeting a woman at the little park near Oscar’s school that I took the little fellas to this morning who lives about 10 doors down from me.
When I rang the little kindy a block down the road about coming in for a look see and putting down Jasper’s name for next year they didn’t laugh at me.
Making the family boiled fruit cake, which I think is the same one as Muppinstuff’s in that it involves a 375g pack of mixed fruit with some of the peel in it pulled out, a handful or two of extra sultanas, some extra glace cherries and a tin of crushed pineapple, iced with a simple lemon icing. I think I’ve eaten about a third of it today.

* Don’t get me wrong, if there wasn’t the aircraft noise and traffic I would love to live in these parts of Sydney.