Various observations and thoughts

I know there are three #3 teats in this house for Grover’s bottles. So why is it I can only find one?
A very large rotund man, riding a racing bike, in peak hour, in the full racing riding regalia. Dude. I appreciate you’re clearly trying to do something about your health, but do us all a favour and keep it to boardies and t-shirt until a few kgs are dropped.
Lego StarWars on the xbox is addictive.
ProLeague Soccer is not.
It is giving me a migraine.
How is it that watching a 2.5 year old and a 10 month old work out their own little relationship can be both infinitely fascinating and mind-bendingly irritating all at the same time.
Rinse and Repeat.
Am I the only woman left on the planet who prefers pads to tampons?
Is it just that I’ve pushed four children out my fanny that I just don’t have the energy to be inserting a great wad of compressed tissue up there?
But then, tampons reduce the duration of my period by up to two days, so that has to be a good thing. Surely?
Discuss at your leisure.*
The recovery nurse today called me Sue for the first half of our visit and then Lyn for the rest.
Even though I had filled in forms with her and she had to write my name down in parts of it.
I believe it takes fourteen viewings of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for Dick Van Dyke to become highly irritating but only two for the same feelings towards Sally Ann Howes.
I am 35 and it has only been in the last week that I have come to learn the land they go to is Vulgaria.
Not Bulgaria.
I think the last time I really** cleaned the bathrooms was when I blogged about it and I was still pregnant.
I have a new stove-top and oven.
I think I failed to inform you all of this.
Mum got it because
a) it’s her house
b) it was cheaper than the total kitchen reno she initially proposed and
c) the oven was stuffed to a point it was not worth fixing.
Mum being mum initially told us to choose what she wanted and she would pay for it.
But what we chose was not top of the range, so suddenly she was looking for the replacement.
So now I have an 800mm Ilve fan-forced electric oven and 700mm gas cooktop.
They are both very lovely to cook with.
As top-of-the-range items should be.
Now, if I could refind my cooking mojo.
And the drugs must be doing something as they’re off centre from each other (as the cooktop fitted in the existing cooktop space and a new wider hole had to be cut for the oven) and it only bothers me every so often.
There’s a duck down at the lake with a wonky beak.
It’s damn ugly too.
I like that duck and the other smaller pale brown one all the others seem to pick on.
I make sure they get their share of white processed dreadful for ducks bread during our visits.

* With apologies to Joke, Muz and Matthew. The only men I am aware of who read me.
** As in scrubbed and mopped floors. The toilets are regularly cleaned in this house every couple of days due to necessity not compulsion.