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I have some divine pork cheeks to braise for dinner. Anyone who has done this (Joke and Blackbird and Badger I am looking at youse all) and can offer some good flavourings to go with it, drop me a note.

I’m thinking sage as the herb.


It’s 12pm* and it must be on soon to slow cook for long enough.

I’m still going to make it today but to eat tomorrow so there’s a little more time. Then I’ll get a second night out of it on a day-I-work-night (when I shred it and toss it through parpadelle). Tonight will be lamb tenderloins with couscous.

* I realise that 1pm here is about 3am there so expect nothing but gawping silence, but still, send me ideas for next time.

Written by allconsuming

April 6th, 2008 at 12:56 pm