So You Think You Can Dance – THE FINAL!

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OMG – beyond EXCITED.

We start with a performance from all the Top 20 AND the judges.
Jase looks hot. I kinda wish the judges had done this more often – it’s galvanising.
OH the final four – Demi, Rhys, Kate and Jack – OH how hard to know who’s going to win – and ALL of them being SO NICE.

There’s 30 minutes left to vote – which means we’re going to get some more routines and retrospectives – AWESOME.

Isn’t it funny – any other show and these time fillers are just irritating. But on this show, the chance to see them dance more is AWESOME.

Guest spot with the Tap Dogs – OH MY- SWOON ONE HUNDRED TIMES OVER.
Hot guys doing tap.
And the Tap Pups – they may be enough to sway Felix from being a drag queen.
Is there anything more intoxicating that tap dance?
I adore it.

Can I just interrupt my gushing for a bit of snark.
I’m not sure what or how many animals died for Nathalihie Bashthinghwhaithhehe’s dress, but it makes her look rather thick-waisted. And as someone who was born with a thick waist, it’s not something I would have thought anyone would actually strive to recreated.

From the SYTYCD website, the four finalists:
I think he will win.

She so deserves to win.

Is just a honey.

Has no technical training as a dancer and has made it to the final four – there is clearly a support base.

A look back at the Top 100.
They got it down to 48.
Can you imagine getting that close and not getting it.
Oh – they showed a glimpse of Demi signing to the camera that she got into the Top 20 (for her deaf sister). Sniff. Oh who am I kidding. It made me cry like a baby.

OK, so some routine with girls in pink pvc space-age tutus and guys in metallic tracksuits and helmets.
In the words of Felix, ‘It’s weird but it’s cool’.
Not my thing. Next!

Special Guest performance #2 – the cast from Billy Elliot
You know, this is really good for Felix to see – in terms of options.

Natalie has man legs.
I’m just saying.

Oh – from the Top 20 to the Top 10.
I was really sorry to see Cassie and Hilton go as early as they did.
Oh, and Marco – I thought he was good.
Wow – Week four produced three of the top 4 most viewed routines.

OH, the Top 10 doing a group routine.
A bit boring actually.

The Top 4 perform.
Nice. They all seem a bit tired if you ask me.
Or maybe that’s relief?
Voting closed just before they performed.

So, here we are… crunch time.

The first person who is safe:
The second person who is safe:
Oh Goodness – if Rhys is out already. GASP.
The third person still in the running:

Demi is officially fourth.
Natalie’s crying. Judges are giving her a standing ovation.
Jase is right – she is pure sunshine. One of the most joyous people he’s ever met and you could see that each and every week.

Marco and Stephanie are doing a routine -I wasn’t listening so I’m not sure why.
Camilla and Sersmah doing their samurai story.
Laura and Anthony doing disco -they look rusty.
Rhys and Jemma doing a waltz
(I’m guessing we’re doing the Top 10 routines?)
I missed the intro, but I’ve come in to Rhiannon and JD doing the routine that they made a fist of. No pressure.
YHere’s Hilton and Kate – I wish Hilton had been given a longer stint on the show.
It appears nearly all of these routines are Jason Gilkinson routines.
Cassie and Graeme – Cassie was out in the first week? Or maybe the second. Somewhere up the front.
Henry and Vanessa do the African samba. She was always so good if she didn’t speak.

Brace yourselves, we’re about to get the top 2.

Damien Leith is singing the song from Donnie Darko which I always think is sung by REM but isn’t at all.
Someone is dancing but no idea who it is. I think it’s the young kid who was too young to be on the show.
Knew it.
Caleb. He’s just turned 16.
OH MY. They’ve just told him he’s been given a $10,000 scholarship from Optus to study at Sydney Dance Company.
This show is ALL.ABOUT.THE.LOVE.

OK. The pointy end.

The first person through to the final two…
Yay yay and more yay.

The next person through to the final two…

Kate is out.
It’s between the boys.
I’m a bit bummed because I really thought she’d win it.

Jack or Rhys???

That girl singing the bleeding song – Leona Lewis.

And another outfit change and they’re in the same pants with Jack in a red shirt and Rhys in purple.
And at this stage that’s what we’re reduced to? The Wiggles?
Doing the retrospectives.
I can’t stand it! JUST TELL US!

Oh, a final dance routine.
To The Cat Empire. AWESOME.
And of course – choreographed by Jason Gilkinson.

So here we are.
A little pep talk from Mia Michaels.
A final word from the judges and here we have it.
The winner is…
(please be Rhys, please be Rhys, please be Rhys)


Jack wins $200,000, a trip to the US, a session with Mia Michaels and other stuff.

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