So You Think You Can Dance – The Final FOUR*

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*with guest commentator – Chef.

Chef wants to know what’s going on with Natalie I love the h Bahshthsthwightwhaitheh boobs – the one on the sparkly side seems to have been pushed up so high and in that it’s now under her armpit.

Thanks to Jase for stating the bleeding obvious – there’s four left. Um, derr.
And did anyone else glimpse Jase’s awesome hat hair?
Ahhh Bonnie being the embodiment of mutton dressed as lamb once more.
So proud of herself that she’s discovered some rare morsel of truth – they can all dance. Um, derr.

Wow, straight into it – Jack and Demi – look at those pegs. And I love those dresses that shimmy when they move.
Chef doesn’t think she’s wearing undies and thought she was going to give a lapdance to the judges.
See what I put up with.
Oh, apparently that was a Jason Gilkinson routine. We all love Jason Gilkinson – the best choreographer in the universe apparently.
Hands up who wishes Bonnie had stayed in UK for her son’s wedding?
Chef’s wondering when someone’s going to start talking about how it’s been a journey.
That’s one of the few performances of the season that I want to watch again.

Mmm, Big Brother – about the only reality tv I won’t watch. Actually that’s not entirely true, there’s heaps I won’t watch, but BB tops the list.
And that little snippet – of the Grandmother who admires Pauline Hanson? Just the thought of seeing a glimpse of a bigoted old lady’s saddle bags just guaranteed we won’t be tuning in.
Has anyone tried those Boost bars with nuts? OH MY GOD – so good.
Maid of Honour promo – could be a goer.
Promo to go live above some landfill in some McMansion. Noice.
$30million in Oz Lotto – Chef wants us to win. Um YEAH.
Phone ad.
Bigot Granny on again. G’AH.
For real? How many ads do we need? Painful.

Kate and Rhys doing hip hop dressed as toy soldiers.
OH my.
A case study in unison.
I love Jack and Demi, but these two are my absolute favourites.
Oh, OK, Jase is back with the throwing thanks out to to Supple, the choreographer.
Jase is barracking for these two and good on him.
Awesome work.

Chef has bowed out – he tires easily for constructs he sees as the embodiment of conceit.
More ads.
Here watch this instead, it’s Jack and Kate from a few weeks back:

Poor Rhys, straight back on stage with Demi.
Wow – to Chasing Cars.
It’s exhilarating. So fresh and alive.
Dear LORD I’m sounding like Bonnie. Sorry.
Wow – this was Rhys’ first contemporary routine in the whole series.
Just lovely.

More ads. SNORE.
Can someone enlighten me as to who that guy is they use to do the promos for Sony? I am guessing he’s some famous American rapper or dancer or some such.
WOW – Camilla already doing endorsements – with JD. For metameucil. Not quite Nike but I guess you have to start somewhere.
Still trying to flog those Pringles Rice. M’eh.

It must be Kate and Jack – this should be good.
To Alecia Keys No One.
I love these two dancing together.
I SO want Kate to win. I love Jack and Rhys, but Kate has just blown everyone out of the water each and every week. Amazing.
Look at Jack – what a honey.

Guess what… more ads.
Here, watch this instead, from last week

Demi and Kate – How weird – I wasn’t thinking there’d be same sex action.
It’s some sort of homage to Charlie Chaplin and old silent movies – very clever, very tricky, very well done. And such a weird pairing of Demi and Kate.
As Matt said, it would have been nice to see them dancing as chicks.

Now we get Jack and Rhys
OH man, dancing a routine to Chicago.
OH man OH MAN, these guys are AMAZING.
Now I would be perfectly happy if Kate, Jack or Rhys win.

Group dance – a bit of fun – I am feeling tired just thinking about how hard these guys worked to get to this week. Man.

Another Kate moment. Graeme was gawwwn last week.

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