So You Think You Can Dance – LIVE! – NOT!

So there’s no SYTYCD coverage this evening.
Carlton broke their five year long losing spell today and Chef needed to watch the replay.
I get that these things can be important to men.

Besides, the Ds were coming for afternoon tea today but afternoon tea didn’t happen and they arrived at 5.30, so it became dinner.

I did honey soy chicken wings, sauteed broccolini and Chinese broccoli w/ oyster sauce, rice and Nigella’s quick mousse for dessert. There were a couple of bottles of champagne and sparkling shiraz. It was absolutely wonderfully lovely and just what I needed.

So, I didn’t even see the performances let alone pass judgement on them. Do share!

Oh, and a moment of parental gloat – Felix saved the game this morning with an awesome smother on the ball as the opposing team kicked for goal right on the final siren. Exciting stuff.