So You Think You Can Dance – LIVE!

So we start with eight.
Natalie Bathsinthwhathaight has on a lovely gown -very pretty colour, normal looking hair. Noice.
Jase – so annoying channeling his inner biker.
Apparently we’re at the pointy end of the competition.
Bonnie doing mutton dressed as lamb yet again.
I’ve decided Matt is the type of guy that – to steal a phrase from Simon Cowell – is dance wallpaper. He’s there but easily forgettable.

Rhys and Vanessa doing hip hop and broadway.
In their hip hop routine and the energy is sky-high.
If Vanessa’s voice didn’t make my ears bleed I would say she was pretty darn good.
But her voice makes my ears bleed so she can’t really do any right.
Rhys rocks.
Their unison is a bit off.
Oops – they headbutt each other at the end of the routine when they’re heading over to Nhahth.
Matt says Vanessa’s isolations were wishy washy.
Bonnie says something.
Jase is all about the being on the beat – not before it, not behind it, but on it.

Can someone tell me why you’d want to even try Pringles made with rice?
I hope the Spiderwick Chronicles are good – the promo makes it appear so, which I KNOW, is the purpose of the promo, but there are enough movie promos around which make me know I don’t want to see it with a barge pole.

Jack and Kate.
This should be good.
They get quickstep and hip hop.
OH my. They’ve nailed it from the first step.
I love the quick step and they are just so good at it. You can tell they’re having fun.
The judges just

Henry will-cry-for-votes picks Demi and they get house and contemporary.
There’s a big build up to how hard it is. Snore.
They seem OK. Although I’m not sure if its meant to all be in unison or if they’re meant to have slight variants on each other. If they’re meant to be in unison then they’re fucked.
Oh, there’s a clapping bit and I know Jase is going to be all over them about how they weren’t ‘on the beat’.
Wow, even Matt is about the unison and the beat.
Bonnie thought it was strange and was waiting for them to get into it. I kinda agree. Like it was so complicated they were concentrating too hard.
Jase is very constructive and puts Henry in his place.

EUGH they’re doing ads after each routine. SNORE.
That Hungry Jacks Stunner Deal SHITS ME TO TEARS.

Graeme scores Rhiannon.
I am sure she is lovely but I am just bewildered as to why and how she is still in the competition.
Anyway, they get burlesque and jazz and she doesn’t even know what burleque is.
Wha? Isn’t she a dancer?
Graeme is a hot dancer. H.O.T.
Awful song choice – Eurythmics Sweet Dreams but remixed with a lot of electric guitars.
M’eh. Didn’t do it for me on any level.
Bonnie has said difficult about a hundred times.
I have no idea why Jase loves Rhiannon so much. NO IDEA.

OK, so Jack and Kate are doing hip hop to Singing in the Rain.
OH man, these guys are awesome.
Their unison is a bit off but the concept is so remarkable.
Matt calls them the couple of the night and indeed they are.
Bonnie spinning shit. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
Jase is beside himself.
Seriously – it was just sensational.

Henry will-cry-for-votes and Demi doing a contemporary routine which is apparently a homage to young love.
Well, yeah. It’s fine.
Judges are positive.
They had a hard act to follow after Kate and Jake so you know, it was fine.

I flicked to Lifestyle Food during the break and caught a bit of Kylie Kwong in China. Have you heard the rumours that she’s gay? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s quite an enticing show except for the constant correcting of her glasses. Annoying. Anyway, she was trying “stinky tofu” which is like a blue cheese of the tofu world. They fry it and serve it with chilli sauce. She couldn’t do it. Got it in her mouth and then said, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t go on’. Imagine just how bad it would have to be to not even be able to bite off the bit you’ve sunk your teeth into?

Vanessa and Rhys doing West Side Story
In the lead in Vanessa saying she wants to find the dominant woman in her.
Yeah well, start talking like one first.
You know, as a pair, they’re proably as good as Kate and Jack.
Rhys just nails whatever he does.
Vanessa is getting dumped on, Rhys lauded. Excellent!

Rhiannon and Graeme are doing jazz. Apparently it’s going to be Mr and Mrs Smith in jazz with a hip hop theme.
I’m like, ‘wha?’ – I mean, if the theme is jazz, then isn’t it jazz? not hip hop jazz.
Anyway. Let’s see.
Well, they were really quite impressive.
Annoying really.

I reckon the bottom ones will be rhiannon, graeme, henry and demi.
We shall see.