Slow roasted pork cheeks

The other week I dragged the boys to the Growers’ Markets. My main goal was to stock up on some pork products from these guys. By the time I got there – and it was only around 9am – they had no pork neck, no belly and no pieces to roast left. But she had pork cheeks and I thought, interesting. Cindy said to slowly braise them in some veggies but nothing too strong so as not to distract from the pork.

So I did a shout out for ideas and between Joke, Badger and Blackbird I came up with something that at the end of the day was nothing like I’d planned or envisioned but lovely all the same. It was – as is the rule – even better the next day.

There’s no real quantities here, just a journey.

Take some exquisite, organic, heritage English Large Black pork

add some lovely chopped onions, carrots, celery, granny smith apples and sage

brown off the pork cheeks in your new – and FIRST one ever owned – Le Creuset pan
then do the same to the same to the veggies and apples
Put it all back into the pot and cover with a mix of clear apple juice and stock and then cook for two hours or even more (I think mine was in for 3, or maybe even 4)
Pull the meat out
and struggle to decide what to do with it. Shred it? slice it? There was a LOT of fat. (Next time I’m following Joke’s suggestion and going to cure them.) While reducing the saucey veggies down on the stove top.

Return the meat to the sauce and add the finely grated rind of a lemon.

Serve with crusty bread