It’s like, total, like role reversal

So the two biggest boys are at my Dad and SMs.
They went on Monday.
I’m picking them up on Friday.
We only have two children.
Granted, they’re the two that make wrestling jelly look like a walk in the park.
There’s random piles of (clean) washing lying around the back room.
There’s random piles of (dirty) washing lying up the hallway and around our bedroom.
Nothing is getting washed up the night it was prepared.
It’s like being back at uni in the dorm.
Chef made me pesto last night and bread and butter pudding.
Tonight was home made rissoles with mash, broccolini and garlic mushrooms.
It’s like we’re on holidays.
Even though we’re still going to work.
‘n that.

Yeah, I got nothing.
I’m tracking at what I’d call ‘ok’.
If I had to give it a number, 10 being euphoric and 1 being suicidal I’d say I’m swinging between a 4 and 6.
Which, you know, is ‘ok’.

One day and sometimes one hour at a time. ,