Hey there sweet cheeks

A pork update – it’s in the oven.
It’s raining.
So a perfect night for slow roasted pork.

I took a bit from BB, a bit from Badger and a bit from Joke, because over here it’s all about the take take take.

So in the oven now are pork cheeks with the standard blend of onions, carrots and celery, some wedges of Granny Smith apples, some apple juice (can you believe I have no stock in the house and I just couldn’t face dragging two children back out just to get stock after I’d already done that just to get sage), a smattering of fennel seeds and then all covered with water. It’ll be in there for three hours, then I’ll let it rest for a while, take out the pork and depending on it’s state (if it’s really falling apart I won’t bother) I’ll follow Joke’s suggestion to grill it and get some crispiness happening while reducing down the liquid.

Photos and the final deal with be over at Hey Mum later this evening.