Given the boot

So this week brings with it a potential opportunity for me that if it comes off, well, if something comes of it one of the first things I want to do is purchase a pair of black wedge heeled boots.
Don’t ask me why.
I just like them.
And I want a pair.

And yes, I am totally aware of the fact that if this opportunity becomes a reality I’m meant to be saving what it brings to us financially, but first I’m buying an entire new work wardrobe. And shoes. Lots of shoes. Be quiet. The financial irresponsibility will be short lived.

SO, that meant research.

You know, I love me some suede, and Michael Kors on Project Runway makes me happy but I just don’t think I will require a pocket on my shoes. Nor do I believe I’ll be paying US$400 for shoes either.
Similarly, no need for a flower, thank you Kathryn C.
Mmm, note to self, where did I put that whip. So practical you can change the ribbon.

OMG. I’m getting old. These are Rockports. And I like them.
Oh Wild Rose Snilo, what have I told you about stuffing small fluffy mammals down your boots? Tying them up in bondage doesn’t make it OK.

Isn’t this bag lovely? It’s from Sportscraft so it’s probably a couple of hundred bucks. It’s nice but not that nice.
Sorry. I got distracted.
I know it’s not a boot, but it’s cute, no?
It’s from Midas, a shoe shop which, if it were velvet, I would wrap myself in and maybe even suck my thumb a little.
Then I stumbled upon Nordstrom. It’s a US department store as opposed to a brand, like JCrew? Oh STOP LAUGHING you crazy Americans.
Anyway, any store that has an online boot store is a store of mine, even if the boots on the homepage are uughhlleeee.
There was this
and this
which I like so much here it is from another angle

It’s called the Me Too Tall Wedge Boot which shits me but I’d cope. They’re on sale and are only $76.90, which I think is an absolute bargain for a boot. Shame they don’t have my size.

This is quite lovely too. It’s suede. Highly impractical for a boot but covetable all the same.Because I adore shoes, here are some Charles Louboutins
They’re only $1,200.
And these from Prada?
they’re only a cool $700. Or so.