well that was unexpected

Hello hospital,
Yes, you suck as much as I remember you did less than two FREAKIN’ weeks ago. Or the two visits in one day for two different family members a month ago.

This time it was for SuperGrover
(yup, that’s Chef’s rotting leg there for you to all take in as well)

The wee chap had a case of the croup, which after one night of “oh shit, he has croup” and one night of “well, that was fucked” decided to take it all one step further and get a wicked stridor and impressive respiratory distress, so that when I walked through to door at about 6.30 last night I took one look at him sitting and wheezing and crying and temperaturing on Chef’s lap to say “so, we’re off to hopsital then”.

Here’s a tip, if you’re ever sick with something and have to go to the Emergency room at your local hospital, take a sick baby with you who is noticeably stuggling for breath because you get behind those big locked doors into the bit where stuff actually happens, as opposed to the bit where you sit and compound your illness or injury by catching whatever hideous superbug that old bird has sitting next to you after she coughed a lung up right into your lap toot sweet.

At least that way you only have an interminable wait in one area.

Even cute when sick

I know hospital cots have to meet all these various safety and ease-of-cleaning standards but do we have to feel like we’re in a Romanian orphanage?

This had major suckage issues when we used to do it every other month with Oscar. Funny how a decade later it.still.sucks.
even if you have the cutest teeniest blood pressure pad wrapped around your arm.

A nebuliser later, the doc was still not happy, so the big guns were pulled out.

adrenalin makes me happy!

Even though masks and scary smoke and heart monitors and being poked by strangers and all that jazz has suckage points, the miracle of modern medicine still exists doesn’t it. I mean, from listless and wheezy to (relatively) normal breathing in under an hour.

There was lots of I’m-so-tired-and-sick-I-might-wail-and-cry-and-thrash-around and then
tired now.

It was about five minutes after this that the four hour watch post-adrenalin was up and we had to move to a ward. Funny isn’t it, even though you know it’s for the best, the news that your child is being admitted and has to stay overnight is worse than whatever the reason is for why you’re there.

But even after about 20 minutes sleep, waking up to this view somehow makes it all a little easier
If anyone really thinks the NSW Government will not sell Mona Vale Hospital to get the squillion dollars for the land value alone, they are dreaming. No number of Save Mona Vale Hospital bumper stickers is going to change that outcome.

Someone is feeling a lot better

We’re stocked with steroids and ready for another night… hopefully this time in our own beds.

And having clearly inherited the over-achiever gene from his mother, Grover also cut his first tooth during this ordeal.