So You Think You Can Dance – LIVE!

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I’ve been really slack in blogging about SYTYCD – I was going to be all over it like Idol and it just hasn’t happened as well, February blew big fat carrot chunks and I just wasn’t in ‘the zone’.


This week…

Mary Murphy is in da house! She’s orange, her teeth glow and her bosom? It does jiggle.
Jason is being as earnest as ever – he’s going to blow an integrity valve any day now but maybe those prayer beads around his neck will help him keep the peace.
Bonnie (aka Twiggy with tits) is She brings nothing to the table. Na.Thing.
Matt’s gay. And happy. And gay some more.

First up…
Demi and Jack.

So hands up ANYONE who did not when they told Demi she was in the Top 20 by telling her to sign it to the camera so her deaf sister would know.
Jack looks a lot like my hair-colourist.
I wonder if he grew up in St Ives?
They got jazz and so the evening was looking up as jazz hands?
Oh they’re my favourite.
Horrendous epilespy inducing music and strobing.
Not together.

Next Up…
Vanessa and Henry

Does anyone else want to hurt Vanessa purely because of the tone of her voice?
Like the cute little girl voice has worked for her this far, why talk like a woman?
They strike me as an odd match.
Again, weird music and it’s meant to be contemporary disco.
Now I’m not a club-goer, but I suspect if anyone danced like this in any form of disco/nightclub setting they’d be taking out an eye or ten.

Who’s this? Sorry, was putting boys to bed.

Oh Camilla and Sermsah
Doing some sort of Ode to the Japanese Samurai
I love Camilla – from the very first audition, you can just tell she’d be awesome to get drunk with.
Mary has screamed.
Matt loves it as she always does.
Bonnie talks about hair. Idiot.
Jason’s wearing beads and red satin.

Jemma and Rhys do the paso doble
I want to see one of those intros where the dance pair go ‘yeah, no worries’
As opposed to the OMG I’m so bad at this.
Rhys – big challenge to play a dominant male.
I liked it.
Let’s see …
Mary’s screaming
OH there’s so much love in the room.

Do you think Jason can just stop being so freakin’ intense and ‘let’s all take a moment to salute the choreographer’???

Stephanie and Marco
I like Marco
and it appears Marco doesn’t like Stephanie.
I’m underwhelmed by this.
Jason calls it a big fat mess and a fail. Back in my good books then.

Horse boy’s up.
Anthony and Laura do soul swing.
What is it with these dance types. It’s like names for house paint – let’s call it Sienna Snow even though it doesn’t snow in Sienna and um, it’s WHITE.
Anyway, it’s also pretty ho-hum underwhelming.

I want to see Anthony dance with Camilla.

Rhiannon and JD
Doing the tango
The actually don’t seem to be making a complete fist of it although it’s a bit wobbly in places.
WOO that was wobbly.
That dress makes her arse look big.
Wow – apparently they dropped the ball badly.
Oh dear, there are tears.

The Loser’s pair got Bollywood.
Kate and Graeme.
yeah, it’s OK I guess.
Mary loves them. She’s yelling her comments.
Oh and we got a hot tamale.
Wow, maybe Jason heard me .
Apparently we’ve got breelliant dancers with a bad routine.
Guess that one won’t be coming back.

So there you have it.

Who do I think will win?
No idea – I reckon Demi, Camilla, Anthony, Marco and Rhys will be around for a long time, but beyond that?
Who the hell knows.

Over and out.

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March 2nd, 2008 at 7:43 pm

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