Reprieve. Over.

Some of you who hang out here longer than then 69.4 per cent of you who visit for LESS than five seconds (crushing I know) may have realised I haven’t shared much in the way of what car wreck is unfolding on the domestic front of late.

So with great excitement and giddyness, I bring you

The Update On Kim’s Sinuses and Hayfever: A Tour of Sneezes and Snot 2008

Seriously, I have not had allergies this bad in about 18 months.
It’s been driving me – and I hazard a guess everyone around me – nutso.
Or, if that is not clear enough.
It has been shitting me to tears and beyond.
And well, that’s like imagining life on the other side of the Black Stump.

So the other night as I was blogging I was also rubbing my permanently itchy eyes.
And the right one got cranky with me.
As in, it developed some weird watery bloody blister across the entire bottom half of my eye and even started hanging out onto the little ridge of my bottom eyelid, which isn’t a lid but what else do you call that bit.
It was swollen and fucking sore.
And I couldn’t see properly out of it.
I asked Chef to have a look at it and he recoiled.
Because you know, maybe it was catching.
Then there were all manner of jokes about Pink Eye.

So the next day we had an appointment with our GP for Chef’s rotting leg.
Because yes, it is still rotting and no, I’m not going to talk about it because

So at the end of the appointment I ask if he’d mind having a quick look at my eye.
And suddenly it was all serious.
And there was talk of going to the Eye Hospital.
And the need for two types of drops and blah blah blah

And now?
For the first time in about a hundred years my eyes don’t itch.
The right one is still really sore and feels like there’s a stick in it but
even if I took a antihistamine my eyes were always still itchy.

So you know, blobby blister eye served its purpose.