Badger – Hillary is in your town. Has she dropped in for a vodka yet? We’re getting The Daily Show and she looks like she’s got a case of the mumps coupled with a seriously questionable case of ‘are you sure you read the valium label correctly?’
Bec – your blog is broken. It’s asking for a password. Is this your way of just getting a higher calibre of reader than your That’s Life! readership me?
And due to my multiple crises have I missed the Sueeeus get together???
I’d email you these questions but I keep forgetting.
Sydney Water tastes like balls at the moment. Mouldy dirty balls.
I’m changing my name because I felt left out.
I received my first mail today addressed to “Mrs Berry”.
WEIRD in capital letters.
I now have the delightful experience of daycare drop off which involves T.W.O. screaming ‘don’t leave me mummy’ children.
Mmmm, funny.
Doesn’t make me feel loved at all.
Just negligent.
It has been brought to my attention that in my SYTYCD summation I failed to even mention She Of The Name With Many THs In It. Also known as Natalie Basingthwaithe. So some points.
1. Her hair scares me.
2. She does that weird droopy sleepy eyelid thing of someone not used to reading an autocue. WORK IT OUT. I know you’re being paid asquillion dollars to do this so maybe go and PRACTICE.
3. Apparently she’s hot.
Oh, and shows you how much I know.
Marco is gawwn.
My SM sends me those really annoying joke emails and the ‘please pass this on’ ones and the ‘must read as the sky is falling’ ones and the ‘OMG this story is so sad’ and the ‘how to know you’re getting old’ emails but I’m too polite to tell her I hate them.
So I’ll do it here.
But then my SS got my email address from my SM.
And now she sends me the really annoying joke emails and the ‘this is so funny’ ones and the ‘must read the pharmaceutical industry is trying to kill us all’ ones and the ‘unbelievable’ ones.
So in a new found boldness thanks to an email from Blackbird telling me to pull my head in (amongst other helpful bits and pieces of advice to salvage my sanity) I sent her an email saying thanks but no thanks.
Along with a lovely little ‘hope you’re all well and maybe we’ll see you before Christmas’ note.
So tonight?
She sent me a ‘two old men’ one.
Soon to come, a review of Transformers, the most awesome of movies.**

* Aha. Just got an email from her saying she just wanted to share a few laughs around. Is it just me? Does anyone else find these things interminable and not funny in the slightest???
** Is it OK to lust after an autobot?