Love affair. Over

My love of J Crew and Anthropologie has passed.

There is no excuse for metallic shoes. Ever. The fact it is a slingback only serves to support my argument. What? I have to say it again for the cheap seats? You know what this shoe looks like on some poor shouldaknownbetter woman’s hoof – the cracked heel at the back, the little toe sticking out the side, the toe longer than her big toe curled over the edge. ENOUGH!
You know, if we were still meant to be dressing as gladiators where the hell is my chariot?
OH whoops, I fell into the How to Dress like a Hooker Department.
OH look, hookers go to Studio 54.
Hookers at a toga party
My mum in about 1978. When they’re ugly the first time around, slapping a ‘retro’ on them the second time around does not make it better.

Do I really need to explain?