Currently addicted to

six word memoirs
I fear I could lose hours of my life each and every day doing this. I have a character in my head who defines his world as you would a movie review and this is much the same premise.

post secret
But I mean really, I could just make some really deep, really creepy, really disturbed ‘secrets’ up and go all scrapbooking on your arse.

Stuff White People Like
For example:
… Immediately following graduation but prior to renovating a house, white people take their first step from childhood to maturity by hosting a successful dinner party …
It has had over 14 million hits and it only launched in January.
It’s popular because it’s good.

Amateur Illustrator

Although none of it seems particularly amateurish.

Because I dream of having one grain of the talent some of these people have.


Because if I was an illustrator, this is the type of work I’d do.

simply breakfast
for someone like me who blathers on, it’s simplicity is breathtakingly beautiful and makes me want to shut up. Even in my head.

For the same reason.