well that was unexpected

Jasper decided yesterday was a good day to start toilet training.
What I thought were mozzie bites on Oscar’s legs were actually two puncture marks thanks to the stupid cat.
They’re infected.
It involved a trip to the GP this afternoon.
He’s now on antibiotics.
If it’s not looking better in 24hrs I have to take him to the hospital.
Apparently cat bites/scratches are ‘difficult to treat’.
Grover has not been himself all week – not much solids but still breastfeeding
I figured he was fighting off the gastro we had.
And probably something from the one day of daycare.
And then Chef told me last night that the scratch on his beautiful little face was not from his fingernail but from the stupid cat
So he’s probably been fighting off an infection from the rabid feline.
Last night was the training band information night
Felix wants to play the trumpet or the baritone or the mellophone in that order.
We find out next week which one it will be.
Between being able to now join the band AND the school’s AFL team, it’s official that Year 3 is totally sick.
Chef’s leg hasn’t fallen off yet.
But suddenly my jokes (with hand visuals) about him having one of those titanium fake legs isn’t seeming so funny.
Today was low 20s.
In February.
So I made a chop casserole for dinner and an apple and rhubarb crumble for dessert.