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as I am nothing if not highly skilled at MAINTAINING THE RAGE.

You realise of course that Felix will probably not even care.
He will probably not realise that they are in the extension class.
But somehow I know he will when he finds out ALL of them are in a different class TOGETHER that will be the bit that hurts.

Last night we were talking about it – because he mentioned he was excited and nervous about who his teacher was going to be this year – and I said, ‘you know, you guys might not be in the same class’ and he was all across that, so who knows.

I always used to hate those parents who’d come up to the school and bitch and moan about what class their kids were in and then get them moved into a class they were clearly not equipped to cope with, but then maybe that hatred was actually envy in that my parents would never do such a thing because they believed you got into things through your own hard work. Damn them for such moral standards.

So what to do, what to do…

OK. So almost 24 hours have passed and off Blackbird’s sage advice of ‘let it be’ and that of my husband and that of the person at the local(ish) Steiner school I spoke to I am feeling less indignant, sad, angry and cranky and more calm. Sort of.

Me: So you’re always the voice of reason when I get like this, what do you think we should do?
Chef: Let’s just see how he is when he gets home.
Me: Stop with the insane suggestions, what do you really think we should do?

Kidding about that last bit, because well, Chef, as usual, was/is absolutely right.

Conversation with Steiner woman (both Felix and Oscar’s classes are full with wait lists) – which was a really good conversation – ended with her saying something like this:
‘If he is happy he will be learning. So long as he is happy you can rest assured he will be learning and he’ll be learning at his pace.’

I know. I KNOW.

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February 1st, 2008 at 11:09 am