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So, just to tidy things up a little:
– Felix is very happy with his class. I hope it lasts.
– Oscar is very happy with his class. It appears he has the same classroom aide as the last two years, after I specifically requested a change so that shall be interesting to get to the bottom of…
– I go back to work tomorrow.
– All the boys’ schoolbooks are now covered, all new stationery items are named
– It has been raining here non-stop since yesterday morning. Normally I adore this weather, but not with high humidity and warm temperatures. Hideous.
– It’s only two days a week
– My best friend from school has just started her blog – go and say hi – she is better than a good egg.
– This Thursday will feature school pick-up; big boys’ swimming lessons; Auskick registration (with visit from Sydney Swans players) and the training band orientation evening. I’m not kidding.
– A couple of people have told me that I make their day which is very lovely and humbling because among all these crafty, erudite, photo-taking geniuses I have been wondering what on earth I am doing here except showing my mental instabilities and dependence on melodrama.
– But I feel like it’s the end of halcyon days
– Following the whole spewing theme from the weekend, the cat spewed last night. All over one of Jasper’s Crocs. Which many in the world would see as a good thing.
– I’ve bought more tomatoes and onions for a new batch of tomato relish.
– I wanted to make a choc banana bread tonight.
– The end of the golden age thing is ridiculous because I mean, it’s only two days, but when I told the boys they looked crestfallen and Felix moved to almost instant tears as he said, ‘but who will pick us up and take care of us?’
– Tonight I have filled out various forms, written lengthly notes to schools (as required), completed my driver’s licence renewal, Oscar’s carers allowance review, an application for a disabled driving sticker as I am finally moving from the school of minimising my child’s special needs to maximising what it can get for us. If that means easier parking at the Mall, sobeit.
– It appears we have lost Jasper’s birth certificate. A discovery I made as it was critical I complete his (late) application for pre-school (which is a breezy $38 per day as opposed to the current $82 for childcare) tonight.
– I have that sense of only going to work for two days but it might as well be six months. In Antarctica. It’s like when you go away for a weekend and pack for three.
– I haven’t even decided what I’m going to wear/checked if anything fits/ironed anything/determined if I have appropriate footwear…
– It has also just dawned on me that I haven’t tended to my eyebrows in weeks. It’s like I’m channeling Brooke Shields from The Blue Lagoon.
– I am a soup of nervousness, anxiousness, excitement, anticipation all laced with a sadness I can not shake.

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February 4th, 2008 at 10:11 pm