It’s all been sorted.
I return to work on Tuesday 5 February.
I am permanent part time.
Two days a week.
The two littlies will be in daycare one day and at home with Chef (on his day off) the other.
I am actually relieved in a weird way.
A new boss.
New focus for my position.
Different types of work for the company.
Us not spiralling into debt and poverty.
It’ll be OK.
The boys return to school next Wednesday.
These holidays have f.l.o.w.n.
I’m not really ready for them to return.
How’s that for a turn for the books.
Still don’t have new school shoes.
Still haven’t checked if uniforms fit.
Still haven’t washed school hats.
Still haven’t restocked pencil cases.
Today involved WW weigh in (I’m 11kgs down people), making Muppinstuff’s choc-weetbix slice and a swim at the in-laws.
All excellent events and outcomes.
Dinner was schnitzel, baby potatoes, peas and corn.
I had it all on the table in under 20 minutes.
Dessert was home made ice cream with my brownies folded through.
Boys loved it.
I don’t do ice cream.
Love the taste but my stomach hates it.
Jasper tasted Grover’s bottle of formula tonight (I give Grover a bottle after dinner to get him used to it and to try and stuff the child so full he’ll sleep longer) and proceeded to drink the lot.
Considering his appalling two-year-old diet I figure he probably got a well needed dose of nutrients.
That said, my wailing and gnashing of teeth and appalling force feeding incident regarding Jasper and the lack of eating has at least made me more conscious of how to handle it.
The solution?
The kid doesn’t get anything after 3pm.
Not surprisingly, every day I’ve done this at least two bowls of dinner have been consumed.
He even tried the schnitzel tonight.
I really need to spend some time over at Hey Mum, I’m Hungry! as there is much to upload but I just can’t find the time or energy to do so.
Somewhere between now and Feb 5 I need to get to the shops on.my.own. and purchase new underwear and some workwear.
This is rivalling all the others as the most boring post in the universe.
Sorry ’bout that.
My fixation with J Crew is only rivalled by that for the Pottery Barn.
You know that hideous Barefoot Contessa program. The one in which Ina and her husband have those awfully staged moments that involve kissing each other and making small talk. The one in which you can hear her breathing and even me, the human hippopotamus, is all ‘dude, you gotta loose some weight’. Well apart from being deeply envious of her house (is it really?) she uses this big (as in massive) glass canisters for flour, sugar and such. They’re huge and I’m moderately obsessed by them. Where on earth would you find such things?
The only thing more irritating about this program is that so much of what she makes I want to replicate. Except with real mayonnaise.