three kids down and it’s time to partay!

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So I think I told you I was two kids down?
The big boys having a lovely time with the grandparents who live in the country.
If you can call Picton the country.
Today Chef had the day off.
It was also Jasper’s daycare day.
So we abandoned dropped off him as well.
There were the compulsories to attend to – the shrink visit – and then it was time to do one of my all time favourite activities.
It’s called Ikearing.

Some people say it’s ‘going to Ikea’ but by golly, if Ikea shouldn’t be a verb then I don’t know what should.

People, we have bedroom furniture.

Bedside tables and a chest of drawers each.

I realise this is just replacing the 12 year old wire baskets we bought at Ikea as bedside tables when we first moved out of home together and I realise it is still Ikea, but people, if we now find a bedhead we like (I still want Chef’s dad to make a frame that I can cover with some fabric from Cloth) our bedroom will no longer resemble that of uni students.

Quite the breakthrough.

There’s a new rug for the loungeroom. It was cheap but it’s relatively soft underfoot and it isn’t stained and doesn’t smell weird which means it’s an eleventy gallion percent improvement on the one we had.

There’s the $20 rug at the back door, to replace a stained carpet offcut we inherited from someone.

Some new glasses that are not the size of the amazon and at $3 each will not matter when I break them one by one over the next few weeks.

There’s so AWESOMELY large beakers to drink coffee (and tea) from

Some metal cutlery holders I’m going to use to hold the pens and pencils belonging to the kids.

Two racks of hooks as those pieces of wood Chef bought are never going to be painted let alone mounted on the wall or endowed with possibly the ugliest hooks in the world Chef chose to adorn them.

There was an occasional table we were going to buy for the hallway to finally rid ourselves of the bag and shoe quagmire that kills a little bit of my soul each and every day but – and would any visit to Ikea be a true visit without this – when we got to the spot in the warehouse where it was meant to be, it had been ‘oversold’ which I thought was a cute albeit irritating way of saying ‘our merchandisers are really crap at ordering’.

There’s some shoe-hanging doovers for me so the cat can’t piss or shit on them anymore – indeed I have cleared out the bottom of my wardrobe nicely for her to be able to piss freely without the hindrance of a heel.

And along with a few other sundry pieces of compulsory Ikea purchasing I am one happy lady.

Combine that with making some food for Grover tonight that he willingly opened his mouth for and even had second helpings of(broccoli, zucchini, carrots and potato with a smidge of garlic and a big dollop of ricotta)
along with a dinner of stunningly rare eye fillet, mash and broccoli
and a batch of Nigella’s brownies in which I put shards of callebaut white chocolate and dried cherries and which cooked in the time she stipulates this time around
not to mention the very moreish choc chip biscuits I made the other day (topped with smarties)

and today was a good day.

Written by allconsuming

January 15th, 2008 at 11:10 pm